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I live in the South, USA).

I have 5 books published, this last one "The Nightingale's Song" to be published in Australia in 2014.

I write about different cultures: Berber, Turkish, Celtic, French, Japanese and Hungarian.

I am a bellydancer and draw from my experience in some of my writing.

Most recently, I have finished "A Kapitany", a slightly bdsm novel 5 years in the writing. I have posted this novel on Authomony.com up until Chapter 12. It runs to 40 chapters.
It is finally finished and am rewriting some of the chapters.

My professional writing website is: http://ladynyo.wordpress.com

Jane Kohut-Bartels/ Lady Nyo

favourite books

"A Seasoning of Lust"
"The Zar Tales"
"White Cranes of Heaven"
"Pitcher of Moon"
"The Nightingale's Song" to be published in 2014

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my books

"The Kimono"

Jane Kohut-Bartels

Time warp from 21st century to 16th Samurai Japan. Bloody battles. Young Japanese/American woman buys a kimono and is involved with daimyo.

Mari is a 34 year old woman, trapped in an unhappy marriage, buys an antique kimono and is warped back to 16th century Japan, where she is commanded by a magician/wizard Yamabushi daimyo. He is a warlord and is embroiled with the reigning shogun to gather troops to put down a rebellion of peasants. He is very old....being rather immortal, and has retainers of Yamabushi cult, and a particularly nasty tengu advisor who is a shapeshifter. Mari is involved in all of this and rarely escapes back to the 21st century, but then she decides that as weird as Japan in the 16th century is, it's a more exciting life than married to her data communications husband, Steven. Mari returns a couple of times to modern Kyoto, but the lure of Lord Mori makes her put the kimono back on and in the light of the full moon, she is transported back to his castle. She is able to research the particular battle that is historical, and she knows the ending. Back she goes and they (Lord Mori and his advisors) have usage for her knowledge: Who wins this battle?


"Az Kapitany"

Jane Kohut-Bartels

A novel of Domination and submission. Set in the US and Hungary, amongst art thieves and vineyards.

"Az Kapitany" ( "The Master" in Hungarian) is about a 60ish Hungarian Dom who inherits a vineyard in Hungary and is also an art thief in Europe. He meets and romances a middle aged American divorced woman who is slowly drawn into the world of bdsm. She is fascinated by the world of her lover, Vadas Dohendy, and finds herself both attracted and repelled by the various people that frequent his world. She may be just a pawn for him, or perhaps he has changed his stripes, but it's not clear to Elizabeth yet. However, Vadas is challenged by an old enemy, one who is a sexual Sadist and a very dangerous man. Elizabeth has to be 'trained' in the behaviors of Vadas' world for her own protection and safety, but it's a frightening and confusing world. She has to face issues of submission and humiliation, and she is a proud and foolish woman. There are no guarantees that Vadas will be able to out-fox his old enemy but there are high stakes in the doings. This novel is not finished.


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I wrote 310 days ago

I intend to post more chapters of "A Kapitany" as it is now finished, and am in the rewrite of a few chapters... will do so soon. Jane Kohut-Bartels, (Lady Nyo) view book

I wrote 1873 days ago

Hiya AnnabelleP...I'm so sorry that I am just getting back here...have been writing on another novel for weeks, and also my blog: http://ladynyo.wordpress.com There has been so much going on right now...You are right, it IS a story on many different levels and weaving them together is get... view book

I wrote 1890 days ago

Hi Rosemary! First, thank you so much for reading what I have written. I slacked off on "A Kapitany" (got the Hungarian wrong in the first word...LOL!) but I am seriously thinking about going back to completely this book. It was the third I wrote in two years and I was exhausted...also, I ... view book

I wrote 1949 days ago

Thank you, Csilla! I was raised in America by a Hungarian father, so my Hungarian is about null. I deeply appreciate your help here with the language. I was not sure about "Az"...but you have clarified this for me. I haven't worked on this novel in two years....as I just published a book of ... view book

I wrote 2052 days ago

Dear Dan! This is exciting reading....I am printing it out right now for further reading. The vineyard theme...can't get far from Hungary without a Vineyard! LOL!...I had a LOT of fun researching mine in "Az Kapitany" and learned something about vine culture along the way...put in a couple o... view book

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