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My name is Neal Sayatovich. Currently I am a member of the Army Reserves Finance Corps. and a writer for Game Industry News. I've done a lot of traveling over the years and have always enjoyed writing while on the road.
I've wrote a few short stories just to see how much I'd like writing and once I found out it was my dream career I started on Love, Fear and Holy War. Now that it's completed I'm hopng people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I've done of lot of odd jobs and worked in all sorts on industries. My personal favorite was when I did ghost hunting. Once things get calmed down again I'm going to return to ghost hunting in addition to writing.

Love, Fear and Holy War is in a process of being edited and will be completed in about two weeks.
Currently Writing:
In Pursuit of Shadows (Crime/Thriller)

If anyone wants to contact me personally my email is nsayatovich@gmail.com

favourite books

The Stand by Stephen King
Misery by Stephen King
Without Remorse by Tom Clancy

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I wrote 776 days ago

Author Shaun Holt paints a very real picture od what our future may hold. The characters are stellar and the detail just envelops you. Anytime you mention Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler you need to mention German Derelict as well. This has the makings of a bestseller. And to only call this a book is an... view book

I wrote 789 days ago

A Priest's Tale is a very well written story. After I read the first chapter I was unable to put it down. I was aborbed into A Priest's Tale. Everything from the charactors to the environment is very well thought out and described. Using this realism you are placed in the story next to the charactor... view book

I wrote 799 days ago

A very well written story about what goes on people's lives. This could definatly make a movie screen due to not only the realistic atmosphere, but the characters as well. Great job and a high amount of stars. Neal Sayatovich Love, Fear and Holy War view book

I wrote 799 days ago

These stories are enjoyable by both children and adults. I was sad at nearly all of the children's literature out on the market. After reading this there is still hope that the good ol days might come back. view book

I wrote 802 days ago

This story is excellant. It captures everything that deployment in Afghanistan consists of... Incompetant commanders, hot weather and chances of getting blown up. People of all types, military or not, will find this book engageing and entertaining. Very well done. Neal Sayatovich Love, Fear and ... view book

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