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new to writing... no, strike that...raw to writing...I love writing. I love reading.

I want to learn to write as well as I can and this is the site to help me.

Bring me your views, both negative and (slightly less than negative, perhaps just a little positive?) and I will absorb them, adopt them (cry a little in the dark with a stiff whiskey and a blade [that I never use, do not worry] of grass) and then I will crawl back to improve my work.

favourite books

anything by Steinbeck;
Folk of the faraway tree, Enid Blighton;
Danny the Cahmpion of the World, Dahl;
Maeve Binchey stuff;
The Mallon Trilogy, Cookson.

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andrew livingston

Born into the world with one mission: find them. End them. His voyage will take him through a history unknown. Will he find the way?

When Annam descends the mountain he remembers nothing. What he knows is that the indefensible must be defended.

The Men in White are scouring the planet to remove people in their thousands for reasons unknown.

Martin is forced to find them and it leads him into an underworld beneath that which anyone could have feared. His descent takes him down through layers that even he was unaware of and yet he begins to realise that the ignored are beyond the traditional value of being reintegrated into the world but now are a new species that have developed almost existentially.

In his travels and the ultimate meeting of the two groups, Annam/ Martin and the Men in White, on Raithlynne [the island prison complex] the truth of the problems are finally revealed. A lengthy history of controlling the direction of humanity has found itself at an impasse that will ultimately define the future.

What will happen will now be under no control but will be ever more threatening and violent for the society that survives the coming onslaught of terror.


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I wrote 1335 days ago

I enjoyed your narrative voice here and I thought the characterisations made the whole ver realistic.A thoroughly enjoyable read. backed view book

I wrote 1340 days ago

cute and well presented. backed view book

I wrote 1340 days ago

taut. Excellent. Concisely written with skill. backed view book

I wrote 1340 days ago

informative and useful. One should come with every puppy. backed view book

I wrote 1340 days ago

I love the name Migwort. Writers like this have the imagination to construct worlds and narratives far outside the comman ground for fiction. Excellent. backed view book

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