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I am a facial plastic surgeon with interests in science fiction and medically related fiction.
I'm sorry if I don't get to look at your book in time. If I forget to please remind me. Also for all the favors I promised to people, just so you don't worry I usually return them all on the weekend, but I promise you I will get to your book also :)

Publishers or agents email me at evantrimas@hotmail.com

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James Rollins series and Terry Goodkind

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The Chimera Factor

Scott Trimas

Chimera lays bare one unique man’s struggle to stop a disaster-in-the-making that should never have been created.

Reid Wainright has an uncanny ability to instantly recognize any individual he has seen before, no matter how briefly, despite the ravages of time or surgical alterations. He is thrust into action by the government to uncover a terrorist of unknown identity who is about to unleash a biologically-engineered virus with the killing power of the “Andromeda Strain”.

This is the story of one man’s efforts to save mankind from its intrinsic fears of dying from a killer we cannot see. Mix in greed from a pharmaceutical consortium and the possible ramification of a cure that may not only stop the virus but also control other fatal diseases, and the implausible is rendered entirely believable.

The final “what if” rests with a female terrorist who has been so radically altered surgically she is unrecognizable by any agency, and can freely deliver on the promise to release the biological threat. Reid is unsure if his abilities of instant recognition will enable him to stop her from releasing Chimera.

Update First 100 pages have been edited, tell me what you all think!


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nautaV wrote 114 days ago

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, dear Scott! Valentine

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 360 days ago

Scott, You might want to click on www.scribd.com/dloganw whereby Dav....

Secret Durham wrote 369 days ago

Where you been Scott? 255 days now and no log in!

D. S. Hale wrote 403 days ago

This is it! The grand finale, the grand push!! After much hard work....

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Scott, You supported my book a year ago, and gave me a bunch of st....

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I wrote 739 days ago

Loved everything I read from the pitch. You did a good job of pulling in the reader and really wanting them to read more. Scott Trimas The Chimera Factor view book

I wrote 739 days ago

You are a really great storyteller. Very good pace of writing. Will be back to read the rest. Scott Trimas The Chimera Factor view book

I wrote 739 days ago

Very interesting topic for a book. Well written though, with great word usage. Scott Trimas The Chimera Factor view book

I wrote 739 days ago

A very warm humorous book! Highly starred. Not really any mistakes I could find. Scott Trimas The Chimera Factor view book

I wrote 740 days ago

Very great children's book. This is a type of book my children would really enjoy. Highly starred and will back soon! view book

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