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about me

My name is Andrea, I am 19 years old and live in Mexico City. I am currently editing my first MS of a YA series.
Right now I am taking Creative Writing Online courses, and divide my time between writing, reading, cooking & baking.
I love Jamie Oliver.
And I am a history freak.
And am addicted to Coffee and Cassava Roots Tea.
My dream is to be a published author one of this days.

favourite books

All Harry Potter books.
Memoirs of a Geisha.
Hush Hush.
The Mortal Instruments Series.
The Expressologist.
Take me there.
Kissed by an Angel.
Old magic.
Beautiful Creatures.
Among others...

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my books

Book. The Light Series.

Andie Pintado.

Leila Rayleigh thought books were normal objects whose sole purpose was to delight the reader. She just found otherwise.

Leila Rayleigh moved from L.A to Rye, England and found her world shift and turn 360° when she read a small paragraph in a book no one was supposed to open, specially someone like her... a human. Soon she finds herself in the middle of an evil uprising and she comes out as the key ingredient to help an underground association whose sole purpose is to protect life from whatever evil threatens it, because she is the only one who can find The Light. A mythical ancient power that if placed in the wrong hands would mean the destruction of life as we know it. Magic, love and adventure (the three things every girl her age dream of) find a new meaning when she becomes a target for the enemy, a hope for others and a burden for herself.


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Andrew Foley Jones
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♥ Jessica ♥
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I wrote 1351 days ago

This seems like a very cool reading. Not normally the kind of book I would read but really worth it. I hope I get the time to read it. n.n view book

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