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about me

Hello people! ✌
So, I am a high school student who loves to write. Write about monsters and things :D

I love wolves, especially werewolves! ☾ And dragons! They rock! xD
Say anything otherwise, and my pet T-rex will eat you! XD
But not Jacob :P 
My T-rex already ate him XD
Also LOVE anime! Like the best thing ever! Except writing...✎
Halloween is the best holiday and hard rock is the best music! ♫ ♩ ♪♬ Second best? Celtic of course! xD
LOVE Broadway musicals, and besides being an author, I'd love to be an actor!
Right now, I'm busy making a few Kandi cuffs!
PLUR! ☯☮♥✌

If I randomly friend you, I'm just doing it to meet some new people on here! I'm not a creeper or anything! xD 
On that note: Start a conversation with me for no apparent reason! I love to chat :D

Really hope to find some good reads here and have some of my own works up. I mainly write fantasy action, with a bit of romance in there for good measure. :)
I write for my school newspaper, commentary mostly and I do some comics, and am trying to get some of my poetry published. Slow process.
I am head of my theater troop and was student director for my last school play! :D


**If you would like to swap, I gladly will, though it may take me a few days to read your story. Sorry for any inconvenience. My computer/account is having issues and my comments don't stay on the book. Trying to fix at the moment.
And if you say, 'oh I watched your project' I will not return a read on that. I will only return reads on reads where you actually commented on it. Otherwise, I will just ignore you.
I will never spam people. If you happen by my book and interest it, read it, but I'm not gonna hunt you down to take a look.
One more quick thing, the genres I'm not so crazy about are romance and really religious. A little romance makes a story but chick flick kind of things are not my fav. Also I am atheist. I'm not biased in any way but if your book is mainly focused on a religion, I'm sorry I won't be of much help. Don't get me wrong, I will read anything, but on these subjects, you may not get that profound of a comment. Sorry

~People I owe swaps to~
Meta Marbles
Edwin P. Magezi 
Writer in Red
Yes there are a few more. 

If you're not on this list, please feel free to remind me! I am so busy, I don't mean to forget!

Notification list for Fledging Her Feathers (out, but I'll let you know in a bit)
-D.J. Milne

favourite books

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series
The Warriors cat series
The Harry Potter series
Hunger Games
His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass)
Jurassic Park series
Percy Jackson and the Olympians series
The Host- Stephanie Meyer (soooo much better than Twilight!)
Wicked- Gregory Maguire
Beastly- Alex Finn <-- She actually spoke to me, I was so excited! She gave me writing tips :D

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my books

☾ A Night in Shining Armor ☽

Nicholette Wolfe

'As Kingdoms of Darkness lit
The crown atop the queen’s brow
Let it be known and forever writ
That peace was started here, now'

Grave danger has fallen upon the world simply called Saralinka, home to all magical creatures; dragons, pixies, ogres, werewolves.
Luna, queen of half the land has gone missing. Her three power-hungry daughters now share the crown. But will their drive for control destroy the land?
The other leader, the Great Jeweled Dragon is said to be long dead, leaving behind only his sword, the most powerful weapon in the worlds. No one knows now where it is...
A young teen wakes up to find herself surrounded by monsters. And in her hands, a sword, its blade bursting into flame. She is meant to save them all. But how can she when her memories are gone?
Through her journey Raven will discover the truth about her broken past, the secret lives of the mythical creatures we all know and love, and a family she has only ever dreamed about. The three queens await her arrival. Will she be able to stop their mad reign?

For future reference, a map of Saralinka: http://i.imgur.com/iu1Pr.jpg

Draft 1. Please pick it apart. I'm working on just writing it now. Will major edit later.


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I wrote 725 days ago

Hello! So, first of, SORRY I forgot to get back to you! I didn't mean to take so long :0 At any rate, to the book... So, I comment as I go :D Minor prob on the chapter title, lol x) And paragraph indenting, that always kills me with my english teacher. She says every piece of writing should ... view book

I wrote 730 days ago

HI! Sorry, I know I didnt read it when I said I would. I kinda passed out that night, I was so tired xD But anyway, here I be to read :) You said you changed the first chapter? I can see the changes. And, I like this new way. Is very descriptive and brilliantly written! At first, I didnt like ... view book

I wrote 737 days ago

For our swap: :) Oh my gosh, it is obvious in your words that you have a powerful passion for what you believe and have faith in what you write.The descrpitions were fantastic, great similies and metaphors without being too overwhelming. Your writing style is great! The nightmarish descriptions... view book

I wrote 741 days ago

Return swap :) My random ideas that come as I read: On the very first sentence I would isolate it and have the next sentence begin a new paragraph, just to emphasize the strong meaning there. Personally, I feel that the mentioning of the house being empty and all that gets a bit redundant. You... view book

I wrote 751 days ago

Hi :) Pitch: I love it, first off.Right away it sounds like such a cool, and unique story. Great thing to grab attention Chapter 1: Super small thing- indent 'The ocean cried in panic' Anyway, love that you use the actual dino names, not lame things I've seen like long-necks and duck-bills, ... view book

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