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Hi to the old crowd - and to the new :) Been offline for...months, it seems. Edits can do that to a writer. Back, albeit briefly. I'll try to contact anyone who took the time to email/message me in the last two or three (or four) months.

'Brogan's Crossing' is still active, and I may resubmit the vastly edited version here in time (thanks guys and gals for all your help) . And I'm working on getting my contemp fiction novel 'Rohallion Dawn' up to scratch, since it only made the shortlist of the Dundee International. (Sounds a bit incongruous that...Dundee...International... :-) but it's a great comp for those interested in entering).

Best of luck with your projects. I'll be back when time allows.

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The Rebus series (Ian Rankin)
All by Christopher Brookmyre
Grumble Bluff (Karen Bessey Pease)
Black House (King&Straub)
All by Tim Winton
Name a Peter Watt novel...go on!
A Feast of Small Surprises (C.Van Houten)
The Eggless Club (Eugene Saint)
Many more.

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I wrote 1850 days ago

Hi Charlotte, There’s vivid characterisation here, and I’m drawn into the story because of that. Some will no doubt slate you for having a slow start, but I think this fits well with (a) the genre; and (b) the atmosphere of sorrow and regret you’re trying (very successfully) to create in ch1. ... view book

I wrote 1856 days ago

Janine, Yep, it’s enjoyable. Since this is already published there’s no point in me picking up on typos, so I didn’t look hard – actually, I can’t recall meeting more than one or two. This is a good story – characters are coming together (but with only 3 chapters read it’s hard to really say...lo... view book

I wrote 1856 days ago

Colin, As I read your pitch, I couldn’t help asking myself ‘why?’ – why does Eddy want revenge on Darryl? What’s he done to Eddy – apart from the ‘boastful successes’ and taking his parents’ attentions? And why is Eddy running, and from whom? See, in pitting two forces together that will clash un... view book

I wrote 1857 days ago

John, Creepy, but not overly - just how I like 'em! You set up the story really well in these openers, intro of the characters is smooth as silk - very professional. Only have time for the first three, but I can feel this tugging at me from the deep...I'll be back for more. Meantime - backed. Bes... view book

I wrote 1857 days ago

Alan, Moves along nicely, this one. The pitch is enough to get my juices flowing, but you continue with the action and live up to every promise. Good work. Backed. Best of luck, --JackR view book

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