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I live in the North East of England, between Newcastle and Durham.
Almost finished the first draft of a story to follow on after The Wind Maker. When it's typed up I'll post it.

Broke my leg 4th Oct won't be doing much till Dec :-(
Starting to read books again...
Check my fb page for updates.
my e-mail casounds@live.co.uk

Two of the books that I love on Authonomy are on Amazon.
A Priest's Tale by Lindsay Llewellyn



Tamria - Book 1 by James A Gravil


favourite books

Sabriel, Lirael & Abhorsen by Garth Nix
The Ropemaker & Angel Isle by Peter Dickinson
Artemis Fowl books by Eion Colfer
OUTREMER books by Chaz Brenchley

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The Wind Maker

Cas Meadowfield

In a wild land, a young Earth mage must find out why the rains haven't come before water runs out.

Jade is very worried as the rains haven't come to Formagia. The crops are dying and water is running out. She is desperate to save her village, but her Earth magic is no good for moving clouds.

The only one who could help bring the rains is the Wind Maker. But he lives in the wild Great Forest to the north where giant bears and wolves live and, with the drought limiting their food, they will be very hungry.

As all the villagers are too afraid of the forest, Jade decides to go alone with only her magic to help. But bears and wolves are the least of her problems as someone with power is working against her.


Seed Stories

Cas Meadowfield

Seed stories are ones that grow/once you've read the words. From a cup of tea to an alien dragon-- stories and poems for children.

Seed stories are ones that grow
Once you’ve read the words.
Pictures of places and people move
In your mind and the story grows.
So much so that when you see
It again you wonder how
Small and plain it seems,
Until you read and are drawn
Into its world again

Ch1 for 3 to 5 year olds
Seed Stories
A Cup of Milky Tea
Zoo Twilight
Karen One Hump
Ch2 for 5 to 7 year olds
Waters Flowing
The Cambie
Ch3 for 6 to 9 year olds
Carrots and Robert
Ch4 for 7 to 10 year olds
A tomcat
Bobby's New Day
Ch5 for 7 to 11 year olds
The Ancient Castle
Brother John
Ch6 for 8 to 12 year olds
Ch7 for 10 to 13 year olds
Bother Boots
Ch8 for 10 to 14 years
A Cat Called Tashi
Ch9 for 10 to 14 years


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Hi Just wanted to introduce myself and see if you would like to do a....

MichaelDorman wrote 9 days ago

Hello, I saw your profile and was intrigued. I says to myself, “sel....

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Ouch! I've made a start but I'm away until Thursday now. I don't ....

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Don't worry, just pop in when you have time. I don't think it'll be a....

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I wrote 12 days ago

Donkey Sense Very well written story. Your descriptions flow and don't hold the action up, but what's tacos? I think it's some kind of Mexican food... The characters are developing nicely. Loved that Pedro loves carrots....(me too). Ch 7 you use 'miss have no friends ' for the second time, but wi... view book

I wrote 19 days ago

This is a very immersive science fiction fantasy. Beautifully written , with not one word too many to slow it down. Ch2 loved the' get in if you want to live' ch5 '...he'd married an alien and had her children' sounds strange as a woman has his children , but a man has children with her... Is ... view book

I wrote 20 days ago

A very well written dark fantasy. Couldn't see any typos.... Good luck with this Cas the Wind Maker Seed Stories view book

I wrote 33 days ago

Ch1 She word her hair... She wore ? Wilhelm scoffed. "I'm so broke I can't even pay attention." made me laugh. Xanith took the father and started tickling' her' toes ,,, the giant's or' the huge' ? 'Nobody' .. Needs " before it. "No, come one Clara." on ? Ch2 Laid in waiting? Lady in waitin... view book

I wrote 37 days ago

CHIRG return read Ch 1 reads much better than a year ago. He stood upright and looked at him, hoping he would get him to safety. To 'him's two people? Change the first 'him' to' the man' to avoid ambiguity . Nicholson slay another and... 'slayed' Ch3 to 4 you keep the tension up with the w... view book

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