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I am a twenty-two year old Political Science major at the University of Minnesota. I have been writing all my life, but only recently have I taken an interest in doing this professionally.

I re-uploaded my book Hope after revising it. New chapters were added following new characters. I think this makes for a better read. Please leave a comment letting me know if the 2nd if better than the 1st.

I am more than willing to swap reads with anyone who would like.



favourite books

Eye of the Needle by Ken Follet
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
The Winds of War and War & Remembrance by Herman Wouk
Also anything by Dan Brown or Vince Flynn

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Hope (1st Revision)

Matthew Hahn

A story of survival, hope, and horror from the period of the Holocaust.

In Poland, 1939, a man with shadowed eyes squeezed the trigger that killed Daniel Friedman. Not the man but the parts of him that mattered, made life worth living. It happened in a click, a scream, his name—Daniel, a shot, the silence that followed. The man he used to be, lost in a flash.

After the German invasion of Poland, Daniel is captured and sent to a concentration camp where he is positioned as a sonderkommando. He is plagued with the task of removing the clothing of the dead before placing them in a crematorium's never-ending flames.

While Daniel is confined in a concentration camp, his brother, Adam, is supplied with false information that causes him to believe his brother was murdered by the passing German army. In a fit of rage, Adam vows to seek revenge on the only two names he is given, The Vulture and Wolf.



Matthew C. Hahn

Hope is a historical novel about the Holocaust. It follows the life of a Jewish man named Daniel Friedman.

When Daniel Friedman, a twenty-three year old Jewish man, removed his grandfather's German Luger from a box concealed in his wardrobe, he never imagined it would end up in his wife's hand. If he had, he might have thought to load it.

Daniel is captured after the Nazi invade Poland and sent to a concentration camp, where he is positioned as a Sonderkommando. After disposing countless gas chamber victims, he struggles to find the hope all those around him are searching for. People who search for hope seem to find it anywhere they look. For Daniel, it is watching these same individuals walk to their deaths still looking aimlessly for something to hope for has taken it away from him.

While searching the clothing left behind by the dead, Daniel obtains a locket containing the picture of a family, a letter, and a teddy bear. With these items, he dives into the past in an attempt to find the man he used to be before the concentration camp. The man who died the same night as the woman who held a gun as empty as the life he is forced to lead without her.


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The Knowledge wrote 729 days ago

Matthew...please meet 'Madeline' David

ndaye wrote 920 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

Dwayne Kavanagh wrote 1002 days ago

Hi Matthew, Help ‘A Killer’s Kind’ stay on the desk.... In Grants ....

j.l. wood-miller wrote 1043 days ago

Hello Mr. Hahn: A comically strange tale of a stranger intellect: ....

JohnDoe wrote 1050 days ago

Hi Matthew, Just asking, as you may soon have some room on your sh....

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I wrote 1323 days ago

I can't thank Suzie enough for her kind words, but to avoid confusion this is not a memoir but a historical novel. The events that occur in my book are all factually correct, but the characters are all fictional. Thanks to all who take the time to support Hope, Matthew view book

I wrote 1365 days ago

Krik, I agree with what some of the comments have been saying. Some editing is in need, but otherwise, you have created a very interesting story that is easy to read and very amusing. I like these sort of books, the kind where a reader has a chance to solve a puzzle along with the MC. The questio... view book

I wrote 1367 days ago

Barry- The way you begin this book is phenomenal! It is an honest confession which explains who your MC is and where he came from before a reader even knows his name. To have the ability to reach the core of a character in the first few lines is a remarkable feat. These first few lines kept me re... view book

I wrote 1373 days ago

This book is simply wonderful. I was on a fantasy kick a few days ago and randomly searched authonomy until I came across your book. I was only planning on reading a little bit, but after I started, I couldn't stop. The book reads so fluidly that the pages just simply melt away. The last books on au... view book

I wrote 1380 days ago

The prologue really throws a reading into Derek's story. I had to stop myself at first and reestablish what was going on, because I could not actually believe that something so detrimental was already happening within the first few paragraphs. The reality of it sets in that although we think in thos... view book

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