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hello my dear' my name is JULLIET EBUE ,i saw your profile....

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Joseph, It's a deal my friend! You were one of the first to read Dra....

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Presenting "ED Auth: The Final Battle!" (starring Arnold Schwarzenegg....

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I wrote 1831 days ago

I think this is a fun story that children will enjoy very much. Nick, Wendy and the inscrutable Chronomech travel through time *and* through danger. Dire wolves would have made me jump into the lake no matter how cold it was too! Well written for a children's audience and should be well-received. We... view book

I wrote 1834 days ago

A fascinating and mystical journey through time. Well-written and keeps th reader wondering how the connections are going to be made between these three men in different times. Shelved. :) view book

I wrote 1838 days ago

I lik this and think it's a valuable resource for a woman just starting out - guys would find a lot of wisdom here too! This is all very wise mother-ish! It's always good to both quote scripture and then use that as a basis for each vignette. Well done, well written, very topical. Shelved. view book

I wrote 1839 days ago

You write well and have the ability to draw the reader into the character's situation at an emotional level. The three chapters you've uploaded are all good, but there are some awkward sentences, especially in chapter one, that need editing such as: "Instantaneously, the simple sound of her voice... view book

I wrote 1844 days ago

Your story gives me a distant, dreamlike vision of Camelot in the back of my mind while, at the same time, showing me the squalor of the land after Arthur. I was taken with the line "...driven a pike through Britain's heart." because it showed that killing Arthur had killed the dream of Camelot. You... view book

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