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My name is Jen Kamerman-Jenkins. I am a forty year old writer, dreamer, artist, wife and mother. I worked for twelve years/thirteen seasons as an animator and director on the television show "The Simpsons." I am a survivor of two decades of anorexia nervosa, post-treatment and in recovery, and living with bipolar disease. My first book, "The Vanishing Point," was published January of this year. It is a memoir of my two decades-plus with the specter of eating disorders on my shoulders and in my soul. It can be found at www.publishamerica.net. I laugh, I dance, I sing, I write, and I try to see the absurd beauty in everything. I am a proud resident of New Orleans, Louisiana.

favourite books

The Vanishing Point
Anne of Green Gables
The Cat In The Hat

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http://www.burningphase.wordpress.com     http://www.publishamerica.net/product88817.html

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Burning Phase.

Jen Kamerman-Jenkins

The day Jen Kamerman-Jenkins finished her memoir of surviving anorexia nervosa, she almost stopped surviving it at all.

Good things can sometimes come on a Monday. It was a cold November morning in 2008 when I found out that my first book, a memoir of two decades with anorexia nervosa called The Vanishing Point, was accepted by a publisher. It was also the day that it occurred to me that I was dying, and that something needed to be done to break the cycle of starvation and pain. What would the future hold? A drive that almost led me off a cliff, a suicide attempt, a locked ward...and then a lifeline in the form of inpatient treatment. Would these months remake me, or would I simply burn up in the flames that were meant to heal me? This second memoir details my attempt to rise like the fabled Phoenix, in the burning phase of my life.


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I wrote 1380 days ago

Well done. Very fun and whimsical. As an adult, I am enchanted, and I know that my young son would love it, too. view book

I wrote 1382 days ago

Your short pitch is brilliant, perfect. And your picture of a "wonderfully unpleasant" Britain is certainly and absolutely my cup of tea. Backed with pleasure. view book

I wrote 1382 days ago

Amazing journey and story. I cannot wait to read more, this is a pleasure. view book

I wrote 1382 days ago

The short pitch is nothing short of brilliant--"No more Mr. Nice Jew" will stay in my head for days. Intriguing writing, but I really do wish that I could read the beginning chapters in order to have a chance to naturally progress in the story. view book

I wrote 1384 days ago

I do detect small whiffs of the saga of Ignatius J. Reilly...but only in a good way. Your wry, intelligent sense of humor and irony is something of a balm to this weary writer's soul. I will go by your favorite haunts and tell them that you said hello, indeed. I am sitting on the balcony of my old h... view book

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