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If anyone wishes me to look at their book, I ask that you first read No Kiss Good-bye by T.Donna Robison, rate and leave a comment, and then ask me to support your book.

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kristylove wrote 416 days ago

Hello, my name is miss Kristy i saw your profile and have interest i....

Stark Silvercoin wrote 420 days ago

Hi Everyone, I wanted to say “Thank You!” to everyone who helped g....

Debbie R wrote 451 days ago

Thank you so much for backing Speedy McCready. I have had 2 backings....

Confucius Disciple wrote 491 days ago

Hi, This is Andrew Wright, author of KNEE. I'm wondering if you migh....

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Hello my name is princess i saw your profile today and became inter....

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I wrote 621 days ago

Chapter 2 is a wonderful insight into your family's dynamics. view book

I wrote 636 days ago

Very good writing. Very interesting. Six stars. Jim view book

I wrote 639 days ago

Chapter 16 is so foreign to us in the West. We don't know what is is like to have shortages of food and other staples. Your story opens our eyes to what communism and socialism really produce. view book

I wrote 640 days ago

Chapter 15 hightens the conflict between your Dad and the family. But you continue to paint a clear picture of your life in Romania. view book

I wrote 641 days ago

Your Chapter 14 story about Pufi the dog is darling. Too bad your Dad had to discipline you so harshly. But his remorse was very touching. view book

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