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I have made my book 'Milk and More' private - for private reasons. I'll still be doing some reading from time to time and will continue to support deserving books.

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The Magic Mountain - Thomas Mann
Mysteries - Knut Hamsun
All Herman Hesse
The Tin Drum - Gunther Grass
The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
The Story of St Michele - Axel Munthe
Many more

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Lenny Banks wrote 508 days ago

Hi Mike, I'm reading through books on the site, I got to you and noth....

jrevino wrote 563 days ago

Hello, my name is James Revino. I am the author of ‘Hollow.’ I was wo....

Wussyboy wrote 590 days ago

Blimey, Mike, I just popped over to back your book and it's gorn! App....

Dantes wrote 590 days ago

Hi Mike, Seems your book's done a bunk from my shelf. I'll chose ....

Tonia Marlowe wrote 591 days ago

Yikes!!! Where is your book! It was going so well. Tonia x

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I wrote 595 days ago

Hi Jack, I've read up to C12 and I'm ready to unload some thoughts. These, of course, are personal and subjective. I'm probably not in the sweet spot of your potential readership, but I read widely with an open mind. First impressions are: As a thriller/mystery writing team you clearly kno... view book

I wrote 599 days ago

This has a great premise, Debbie. It is clever and funny and a very enjoyable read. Personally, I'd like to see it more firmly rooted in Dillon's POV. Having different pov's is fine and omniscient is fine, but it should be clear when the pov changes. (Don't get me wrong - I'm not a member of the... view book

I wrote 625 days ago

Hi Peter, A big nod to PGW but with a large dose of sharp and sometimes acid wit. If the master English hunourist had been able to collaborate with the League of Gentlemen we might have got something like this. It is very funny and very readable, to the extent where a reader could pick random cha... view book

I wrote 625 days ago

Hi Donna, I've been reading this during my work breaks and you've made going back to work difficult. It is a very accomplished piece of work and a very compelling read. I like memoirs that, despite the hardships and difficulties protrayed, have warmth and heart and evoke time and place in a way t... view book

I wrote 634 days ago

Club Agatha, I like this, Ray. It's got a good atmosphere. I can smell the sea. You also mention smuggling, which I'm a complete sucker for. One of my favourite books as a boy was 'Moonfleet'. Old Bill has a nice colloquial touch and fits in perfectly, along with his 'boys', into the setting. The... view book

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