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I am a thirty year old Gambian, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am always interested in, and trying to learn new things. Reading has always been my passion, and from since I can remember, I have had this burning desire to write as well. I am also an artist, a pretty good one i am told, but my interest in art is usually on and off. I love music and movies, and I have a great interest in technology and science. I am the kind of person who gets along with almost anyone and I pride myself in always being able to see the other person's point of view and not only mine. I give respect in order to earn it back .

favourite books

All Sidney sheldon and Trudi Canavan books.
Name of the wind
The gun seller
the Brethren
ames clemens - godslayer series
robert ludlum, jack higgins, john grisham, tom clancy novels, but I pretty much read everything.

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THE SAME GOD THAT KILLS US IS THE ONE THAT COMES TO OUR RESCUE. It was a lesson Antoinette would learn from experience

Antoinette had it all, a high flying career, the perfect husband, a dream home. She was on her way to the top, until everything in her world came crashing down.
An unplanned pregnancy is the beginning or her troubles and threatens to disrupt her perfectly planned life. Then tragedy strikes and Antoinette suddenly finds herself struggling to hold together everything she had been working so hard for. Everything begins to go wrong with friends, work, family. She learns just how difficult life could be for a woman trying to juggle a career and manage a family at the same time. Can she get things back to the way they were, or will fate crush Antoinette and all her dreams?


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T Barr wrote 503 days ago

Rawan, I would luv for you to comment on my book Overlords Karma. ....

Marita A. Hansen wrote 685 days ago

Hi, Imran. Since you have a medal book on your shelf now, I'm letting....

Bill Carrigan wrote 686 days ago

Yes, Imran, I am in luck, and I deeply appreciate your message and ba....

Casimir Greenfield wrote 686 days ago

Hi there - just extending the ink-stained hand of friendship. I've....

Bill Carrigan wrote 686 days ago

Greetings, Imran-- Do you recall that we backed each other's novels a....

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I wrote 1103 days ago

I've read three chapters of GFB and absolutely love it. You easily take me into a different era, and your writing style is great. One of my favourite books ever is ' The adventures of Huck Finn ' and you writing gives me bit of that vibe but what I like most about it is that your narration is laced ... view book

I wrote 1107 days ago

Having just read the first two chapters of your book, I must say i'm glad to have backed you. Your story is very well narrated and believable. i think you have a great story and i will read a bit more when i get a chance, so best of luck for now, well done view book

I wrote 1216 days ago

I have read about three chapters of the fallen, and i can tell there is a god story building up here, the only thing needed is editing. I am a big fan of fantasy novels and your book has already started to catch my interest from the first chapter. just keep reading and re-reading and re-editing all ... view book

I wrote 1243 days ago

Thank you everyone for the comments, it is really appreciated, this is what I really needed. I actually don't have many friends who can read and critique my work, so I was finding it difficult to know where exactly I should work on a little bit more. I will take all your advice into account. thanks ... view book

I wrote 1244 days ago

thank you, view book

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