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I spent ages reconciling a sensitive day job versus my secret life as an erotic authoress, but the book seems to have taken on a life of its own thanks to you. Apparently Julia and her diary won't be denied and on 1 December 2013, Diary of a Bad Housewife became the first novel in the pure erotica genre to land on the editor's desk.†

I am grateful for your support and I thank you for making Diary Nº 1 for 26 days and keeping it on the editor's desk. Congratulations to my profoundly worthy competitors for their excellent books.

Now we wait for the editor's decision.

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I try to find constructive comments. I'll post any typos or punctuation problems (we all have them) in a message to you and NOT in the book review comments as we want your book review to *sparkle*.

I don't mind who goes first– we take the same journey.

If I miss reviewing your book, please let me know! Gently nudge me, but remember the limit of five reviews a day! Wah!


If you're under 18, Diary of a Bad Housewife will not be appropriate to read. If you've turned 18, you're abruptly mature enough to handle the vivid descriptions of, well, you know, s-e-x.

But if you're only 17, reading Diary will cause psoriasis, piles, pimples, palpitations of the pump, pregnancy, and lots of other problems starting with the letter P. You'll also lose your drivers licence and your passport, and Belgium will never allow you to enter their country. The only job you'll find will be as a dental floss farmer. You'll be forced to marry an unkempt 60-year-old failing circus performer with yellow nails and political aspirations. Your parents will bequeath their hidden fortune to a long-lost step-granddaughter in Alberta, Canada. In short, Diary of a Bad Housewife will ruin your life if you're under 18.

Govern yourself accordingly.


If you find I've disappeared from your friends' list, don't fret. I ceased using the friends feature because it clutters up my in-box with notices about others' activities. Two people are on my list from the old era, so if they return some day, I might spot them. Don't worry, you're on my watch-list and still my friend.


Thanks to Andrew Wright who supported a forum page for me. Thanks to Bev and Claire, who didn't give up. Thanks to Ame, Anthony, Old Bob, Robin, Cheesecake, Lost Soul, Leigh, Jane, Rebecca, Acinorev, Shannie, Jez, KimT, AmandaR, N1kk1, Nikofola, Atopp2000, Dimatteo, Ajt1234, Marneka, Vaiish, Yvonne, Cpl. Shawna Sears, and more than 400 others who believed enough to keep Diary of a Bad Housewife on their shelves. Special thanks to Philippa Stirling for a meticulous edit.

You are amazing.

† David Ware's crime thriller, A True Thug Willsin, was also tagged with erotic elements.

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http://about.me/sensual.elle     http://www.xmail.net/thalia_leigh/

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Diary of a Bad Housewife


To save her marriage, pampered and spoilt Julia enters Hillis Academy, a marital correctional institute where clothing is a privilege earned and misbehavior brings punishment.

Throughout her life, Julia has been treated as a princess, spoiled by well-off, controlling parents. They granted her slightest wish, whether it was cars, clothing, or a catamaran on the Côte d’Azur. Now a suburban housewife with two children, a mortgage, and a hardworking husband, life isn’t going as planned.

Julia is still spoiled, still selfish, and still dreaming, but instead of a romantic life of leisure, she’s reduced to reading about knights errant, adventure, romance, and even sex, while ignoring her real-world problems: her marriage is adrift, her husband is alienated, her children squabble, and her parents demand she divorce. Julia wants escape.

Beset with dead-end decisions, Julia accepts an ultimatum from her husband: a three-week marriage retreat. She doesn’t realise their escape is to a remote castle in the British Isles, where sex education is by surrogate, discipline is paramount, and clothing is a privilege earned.

Julia finds herself cast in the adventure of her life, thrust into exploring the depths of her heart, the mysteries of sex, and ultimately an intrigue that threatens everything she holds dear.

73 000 words; cover: Philippa Rice


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