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I welcome all spam. Please tell me the title of your book so I can read it. (The title-- I will read the title.)

I work in the grocery aisle of a grocery store. Sometimes when I'm sweeping up, I read the lables on the cans of beans, but that's about the extent of my attention level.

I majored in astrobiology and currently work under Dr. Firsgrovavich studying microbic plant life from other planets on the week days for my internship.

I like watching Family Feud, spinning in my office chair, and tagging the trains in my town with gang symbols.

I'd never write a book, or even read one, but I'm glad to back books with cool covers.

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Mutiny wrote 743 days ago

Go ferk off in a hole.

Mutiny wrote 771 days ago

The only hope for California is that you've been neutered and have be....

Mutiny wrote 780 days ago

I'm keepin an eye on you.

Mutiny wrote 782 days ago

22 days without you means I didn't think about you for 22 days. I be....

Mutiny wrote 804 days ago

If I have fleas, I caught them off of your dad. :p

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