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I am a graphic artist / illustrator with a twenty plus year background in the computer games industry as an artist, 3D modeller, and games designer.

In my spare time I'm a keen amateur detective, and can often be found wandering around searching for clues, usually to find out where I am.

Trinity, my novel, is no longer on the site. You can buy a copy, or check out the sample on Amazon. Link below.

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http://www.amazon.co.uk/Trinity-ebook/dp/B007FGWIE     http://oneloosecannon.wordpress.com/

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Meg Wearing wrote 6 days ago

Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, Charlie Parker's C....

Jorre wrote 18 days ago

And how is Amazon working for you... Writer and artist! Lucky sod. BU....

Branestawm's cat wrote 25 days ago

Thanks, Patrick!

AliyaM.books wrote 27 days ago

Hi! Interested in reading my book? Mila takes place during 43 AD when....

Branestawm's cat wrote 27 days ago

Thanks Patrick. I appreciate your backing Jack.

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I wrote 1270 days ago

This is the second time I have put your book on my shelf. I'm not sure how the new system works, but at least I can give this wonderful book a rating. I didn't comment last time I had the book on my shelf because I didn't have anything useful to add to the comments you've received already. And I ... view book

I wrote 1280 days ago

I found this through Trainspotter's recommendation in the forum, and I'm glad I did. The effective opening chapter draws you in and then ends in a way that makes you want to read the next chapter. Sorry, if this reads like gushing praise. I couldn't find anything to fault in what I've read so far... view book

I wrote 1305 days ago

This is a very enjoyable read. I only intended reading the first chapter, but I've just finished chapter three. Dylan is a good main character, but the real star of the show is his dad. Anyone who has a picture of a blond Aryan Jesus on his wall and who fights crime wearing a gimp mask is okay by me... view book

I wrote 1426 days ago

I really like steampunk, although all I've read from the genre up to now has been British, which makes this the first steampunk I've read from an American perspective. Does it work? Hell yes. This is a very well written and intelligent tale with parallels to true life events and conflicts. The dialo... view book

I wrote 1430 days ago

I loved this. Powerful and well written. I watch cop shows and prison dramas and don't give a second thought to what it must be like for the real-life counterparts of those fictional characters, but here you lay it all out in visceral detail. This is real life that no drama could come close to. I wi... view book

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