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I'm back with another Stonefish adventure - Stonefish and the Salamander - and I'm hoping for some honest feedback which I promise to reciprocate.

I'm not interested in the ED, in backings or in throw-away compliments, only in making my novel as good as I can get it and helping other writers do the same.

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Asimov, Lee Child, Palahniuk, Bill Bryson, Nick Hornby, Orson Scott Card

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Stonefish and the Salamander


Two enemies join forces to rescue a mutual friend kidnapped in Afghanistan, but it seems the US military doesn't want them to succeed.

Notorious Australian assassin, Stonefish, and his elite squad of ex-military officers discover that their best client is missing. American billionaire, Saul Madison, a man not afraid of fixing the world's problems by illegal means, has been kidnapped in Afghanistan, and is slowly sinking into insanity while awaiting execution.

Stonefish can only attempt a rescue if he co-operates with his own deadliest enemy: Hiram Vanderlay, the top US civil servant who nearly destroyed his entire squad. Vanderlay agrees because of the thousands of lives Madison's philanthropy has saved in the past and might save in the future.

These strange allies, Stonefish and Vanderlay, turn out to have even stranger opponents, including the US military as well as the terrorists. Someone who wields considerable power in America clearly doesn't want Madison to return, and the rescue attempt rapidly disintegrates into a suicide mission.

(Complete at 80,000 words)




If someone intends to kill you, they'll probably succeed.

Notorious Australian assassin, Stonefish, and his squad of ex-military officers, take on the most difficult assignments, the hardest men, and they guarantee success in exchange for rich rewards.

Lobo, a lone hit man, is fixated on killing Stonefish to enhance his own reputation. Masquerading as an informer to Washington-based Inspector Patterson, Lobo draws on the vast resources of Interpol to hunt his prey.

Meanwhile, high up in the US Government, someone wants Stonefish to do their dirty work, and they won't take 'no' for an answer.

Betrayed, coerced and cornered, the assassins find themselves fighting for their own survival.


Though an arc runs through the novel, each of the chapters posted here, after reading the first, can be read as virtually stand-alone. So, if you venture further than 1, here's a rough guide: 2 Australia - boats, surf and cruelty, 3 Africa - politics, business, and spot the clues, 4 the Baltic - gangsters and a grain of kindness, 5 America - art, wealth and envy, 6 Glasgow - some humour, 7 Alabama - explosive emotions.

Complete @ 87,000 words


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Chris 1 wrote 4 days ago

Thanks for your comment and tips. It's strange. No matter how often y....

Temulkar wrote 14 days ago

Hi Sly, Cheers for the backing. :) Jemahl.

Stories-have-souls wrote 14 days ago

Thank you for your backing, it's really appreciated!

Spilota wrote 16 days ago

:-) Spi

Spilota wrote 17 days ago

Thank you! Um ... * giggle * I hope you meant to say 'one of the mo....

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I wrote 5 days ago

This is good. It takes a while to get to the slaves' point of view (chapter 6) but the pace never flags. The history feels authentic, as do the voices. There's a confidence in the writing that allows the reader to accept the unfolding plot without question. Character driven, the story tells it as it... view book

I wrote 80 days ago

This is excellent – unusual and gripping plot; a world familiar enough to become very uneasy about as the truth slowly unravels; good dialogue. The lack of character depth is effective. These people were not bred for character depth; our protagonist being something of an exception (along with his fa... view book

I wrote 84 days ago

There's a lot to like about this including what is shaping up into an interesting plot, even though it is taking a while to get to what is promised in the pitch. Though mostly light-hearted there are hints at darker things lurking in the background, then I note this is classed as a romantic comedy a... view book

I wrote 106 days ago

Read the full extract. Brilliant and plausible premise. Almost entirely professional writing including snappy dialogue that fits the different characters. Both Henry and Dani are realistic: flawed and sometimes irritating but likeable. I can see why this has been optioned for TV and I'm happy to pu... view book

I wrote 122 days ago

Two fugitives from authority? This story made me smile all the way down to my bones. It also hurt deeply. What a talent to take us into this woman's thoughts and emotions so that we feel with her and for her, even in her confusion. Beautiful writing and astonishing humanity. You are that rare ... view book

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