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I am an African American poetess trying to open up a new avenue in the world of Dragons: Space Dragons!! And I WILL make it "work." My stories are mostly flash fiction, short stories and (best of all) poetry.

The Society On Da Run is a new type of ebook genre that I created and am experimenting with. I call it "Subscription book." You pay $2.99 for a 200,000-word book of interlinked short stories and poetry, and it's updated monthly with content from it's original version. You can get it from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006ZDQH0I

or Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/145300

favourite books

Rozen Maiden by PEACH-PIT
Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) by Yana Toboso
The Poetry of ALI PROJECT
The Songs of Haruka Shimotsuki

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my books

The Dragonboys

L'Poni Baldwin

In a pot of water, mix the bones of a little boy, the heart of a dragon and orange peelings. What do you receive?

The world of Chanceus Karrucci is not the lite or medieval tale you expect. Cast into the world of sexual prostitution at the tender age of seven, Chance has seen it all. The shifter-boy was looking for a piece of bread in a Crota, a technologically advanced city full of nobles, when he was snatched up by the King. This is no ordinary city. The aristocrats are all Crotonians--enemies of the Dragons--and Chance is their prey.

Chance, our captive dragon shifter, meets several other boys like him. Together they form a brotherly bond that is neither tainted nor broken. As years pass and Chance grows older, he sees the helldom that is the cursed city he now calls home. With his band of brothers, they cultivate a plan to escape and extract revenge upon those whom tortured them.

The Dragonboys will tear you apart. The end is never nigh for a Dragon.


The Society On Da Run: Dragons....

L'Poni Baldwin

Earth has seen many visitors. Their greatest investment became our doom. No vampires rule this land, no wolves take claim to the Dragon's throne.

In the depths of space, an empire of space dragons search for a new home. One Earth, they become an integral part of humanity. Years later, dragon shifters are stolen and experimented on. Their precious parts are sold in the black market. They become slaves, toys and sex dolls to the cruelest of people. This ensues a war between the dragon empire and humanity. On November 21, a fleet of ships descend from the sky. Dragons, their shifters and their bipedal troops outnumber humanity by the billions. In the aftermath, various survivors uncover mysteries: the dragons are experimenting on people, using science to recreate their lost breeds. Other secrets uncovered include the location of their utopian homeworld, the androids they crafted to become companions to humans and their emperor's plot to build a network of towers over our precious cities. As the survivors cope with living with these intelligent beasts, they begin to wonder: why hadn't they foreseen the war? On the horizon, the dragons' old enemy follows them home. The intelligent race of insectoids plan to obtain everything that the winged serpents possess.

(This book is told in the form of short stories and poetry)


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Thank you so much for the positive feedback! As a forewarning: all of the stories and poems are not in order, so it's up to the reader to put them back in order however the reader can still enjoy the stories. I call this a "Reader Activity." view book

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