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I have worked briefly as a tabloid journalist in the UK. I like my dark humor thriller character, Rudi Flynn, and I want to take him further.

Apart from 'Weimar Vibes,' which mirrors elements of 1930s German chaos in the UK tomorrow - and which won a gold star here on Authonomy - I have two more Flynn stories..

'Dark Clouds' follows an al-Qaeda activist who is planning a nuclear incident in central London, while 'Harps and Tears' features a loopy/disappointed in love US nuclear scientist. He's got a West Cork hideaway and he's doing something pretty awful for Islamic activists.

'Weimar Vibes' is complete at 80,000 words and Dark Clouds at 96,000.

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Henry Miller's 'Tropic of Cancer; JP Donleavy's ' Ginger Man'; James Joyce's 'Ulysses';a lot of Scott Fitzgerald; most of Primo Levi and recently, 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak.

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You kindly backed Belfast Girls a while ago. You might like to know t....

Robert.M.Kline wrote 1238 days ago

Phil, I uploaded my manuscript four weeks ago and I'm excited to....

nikkidudley wrote 1251 days ago

Hi Phil, I hope is all going well with your novel. I am send....

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Hi Phil. No longer in the race to the editor's desk, you can look at ....

A. Zoomer wrote 1277 days ago

Hi, 'Aging is wonderful because everyone can do it.' (Mr. Nom De Plu....

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I wrote 1611 days ago

Great writing, Bob, and an unputdownable story. You are definitely on a winning streak - hopefully, you'll have an agent soon, if you don't have one already. Your work is, in my view, just what the market is after. Backed with pleasure and wishing you well. Phil view book

I wrote 1634 days ago

Brian - you are an absolute winner and Unscrewed is brilliant. I'm delighted to back on the basis of what I've read so far, with more later. You have great talent in this genre, but might I suggest that you put your books up one at a time, and concentrate on getting one particular story to the top. ... view book

I wrote 1635 days ago

Brooke and Jonathan with sci-fi and romance ... it's perfect, not just for the YA market, but for many others, including myself. I liked the way you introduced Brooke with Mary in chapter 1 and then Jonathan arrives. I think what stands out with A Fight for Their Lives, Helene, is your writer's voi... view book

I wrote 1635 days ago

I'm thinking James Joyce here, Philip, with maybe a little of Molly Bloom on the Hill of Howth. It's great - I love your style of writing and this is a fantastic story. Your poetic leanings make Emerluvly one of the most enjoyable stories I've read on the site, and I'm very taken with your character... view book

I wrote 1635 days ago

Tolly's World is a delightful and very moving story, Carolyn. I think that the way you dealt with her father's death was just right - especially when you relate her thoughts. You have an enticing pitch and your writing delivers: it is excellent and just right for the genre. One very small point on t... view book

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