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I am 32. married with 4 kids.
I have worked in childcare for 15 years. 3 years ago i was made redundant and so i started my own childcare company running a small after school club for 10 kids a day with 2 staff members and now run 2 Breakfast clubs after school clubs and holiday playschemes for up to 45 children per day in my home town. I have always enjoyed writting and at primary school regularly filled jotters with stories. I recently decided that i was going to try fulfill an ambition of mine which was to write a children's novel, i already had an idea but have never found the time to actually sit down and write the stry down, now i have and am quite pleased with the result. I have had a very positive response from the chilren i have asked to read my work and am now looking to try and get published.

favourite books

I like fantasy and si-fi stories the most my favorite books are Lord of the rings, dragonlance chronicles, Harry Potter and Steven Kings Dark Tower series, because i work with children though i have alway made the effort to keep up with what they are reading and so have read quite a bit of childrens fiction too.

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my books

Adventures in Dreams

Simon Carroll

Ruaridh Young gets bullied but his life changes overnight after a nightmare. When he wakes up he discovers his dreams can be real adventures.

Adventures in Dreams is a children's fantasy adventure for 9-12 year olds.
Ruaridh Young's life is turned upside down after a nightmare one night about the boy who has been bullying him. When he wakes up he discovers the skinned elbows from the nightmare have actually happened. With the help of his two friends they start to uncover more elements of the nightmare that have come true. Ruaridh goes on to discover that there are other people who have this ability, some good and some bad and embarks on an adventure where everything in his dreams feels like real life. To defeat the evil Phobetor Ruaridh must learn how to use his new found abilities quickly and, bringing his friends along for the ride, adventure through combat zones, space battles and medieval sword fights.
I have uploaded the first 4 chapters but have finished the book i am still checking over the ending though so will wait before uploading the rest.


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I wrote 1304 days ago

A very charming and interesting story. You have created a vivid and interesting world that i am sure young readers will be drawn into. I have 4 daughters and am sure they would love this. As some comments below some work on punctuation etc is needed but the story is enjoyable. I have backed thi... view book

I wrote 1308 days ago

Thank you very much for your positive comment. I have changed skint for skinned, i live near Edniburgh and skint elbow also means skinned elbow, a slang term, so you are right i needed to change it so it is understood everywhere. I have a daughter who is ten and i wanted to target her age group, t... view book

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