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46 yr old social worker and writer. 3 young children. Interests include spirituality, nature, travel, reading, writing, theatre, deep and meaningful discussions, people.

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Mostly memoir.

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Never Better

maxine Christopher

Autobiography re the first 18 years of the author's life as an Irish-West Indian girl growing up between a dysfunctional mother, and various children's homes.

The author describes growing up in Birmingham, England as the mixed-race child of a single mother afflicted with a personality disorder. The themes of racism, illegitimacy, Catholisim, the care system, relationships with siblings and the triumph of a child's spirit in the face of adversity and the harshness of maternal rejection. The first half of the book is interspersed with verbatim extracts from original files.The edgy and unflinching quality of the writing hopefully makes it superior to the usual 'misery memoir' and ultimately a story of hope and forgiveness.


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I wrote 685 days ago

Aesop, I just got an alert that there was a comment on my book. What you've written about it is just so lovely and inspiring--I really can't thank you enough. when I first posted it, I got within 3 or 4 places of the editor's desk, but was going through a bad divorce and dropped the ball. Since the... view book

I wrote 1647 days ago

Hi Sheena Thank you so much for reading my book, and nice to hear from a fellow Brummie. I rarely go on the site now, though got close to the ed's desk in the beginning. am currently revising the book and looking for an agent. i can well imagine you having a friend in the same boat--a lot of mixed ... view book

I wrote 1878 days ago

ecelent book - a page-turner. can't wait to read on. Maxine view book

I wrote 1886 days ago

This book is absolutely fantastic! full of promise, up there with the cults of Catcher in the Rye, etc. Truly, reading it has enriched my weekend and i wish i had more of it to read (i've read chapter 1 today and with herculean restraint, am saving 2 for tomorrow and will savour it as the highlight ... view book

I wrote 1892 days ago

Paul, I read the first few pages of this and found it very atmospheric. it got off to a gallop. i liked the unconventional opening and layout and wouldn't worry about changing it. it's also very filmic and i really want to know what happens next so shall be returning to it as soon as space allows. ... view book

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