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One thing I have learned on Authonomy is that there are a heck of a lot of great authors and great books just waiting to be discovered. I'd like to help and have come up with a plan to do Interviews and Reviews with authors and books that I particularly like. Some of these will be from Authonomy and some from other places. I am creating a new 'book' on Authonomy to put these Interviews and Reviews in.
My plan is to post the Interviews and Reviews in Authonomy, on Scribd, on Facebook, on Amazon, on Goodreads, on my own blog, and also do live Interviews on my Blog Radio show which is called Books and Politics. Which interviews and which reviews will go where depends on the nature of the book. I particularly like Science Fiction and Mystery novels and of course anything to do with politics fictional or non-fiction. If you have a book that might fit let me know. Of course I'd prefer published books, self or otherwise, but I can also work with yet to be published books since the 'publicity' might help the publishing process along.
Among books in this catagory on Authonomy are:
The North Korean and The Write In

Meanwhile, "Stop the Insanity target 2014" is now available on Amazon in both print and e-book formats. The following link will get you to the right place: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AC51L2E
I have also set up a webpage which I would love for you to take a look at. It is: www.stoptheinsanitytarget2014.com.

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Interviews and Reviews

David Welch

This is a collection of book Interviews and book Reviews that I have done. Most of the Interviews have been posted on my blog (www.stoptheinsanitytarget2014.com).

This is a collection of book Interviews and book Reviews that I have done and plan to do. Most of the Interviews have been posted on my blog (www.stoptheinsanitytarget2014.com) and on Facebook. I have done blog radio live interviews with some of the authors. I am looking for more authors and more books to Interview and Review. I love Sci Fi and Mystery stories and any kind of story that has a political angle. The latter are good candidates for my blog radio show. I prefer published books but am also interested in good books that you plan to publish. My purpose is to help generate publicity for good books - and I also expect that people I help will also help publicize my book, Stop the Insanity Target 2014.


Stop the Insanity

David Welch

Stop the Insanity is a manifesto for people who are fed up with our dysfunctional Congress and who would like to do something about it.

Stop the Insanity outlines a plan for the silent majority, those whose beliefs are between the radical left and the ultra conservative right, to regain control of our Congress. It discusses twelve critical issues that our present Congress is unable or unwilling to deal with. And it provides possible solutions for those issues/problems that could be implemented if we elect the right people in 2014. We need a Congress that is responsive to the needs of the American People and not the many special interests that have a powerful grip on our government.


Mankind's End


The potential saviour of mankind is in a coma while a fourth of mankind is eliminated. Will he wake in time to save the rest?

David Kimball is a flawed but sincere hero who eventually sets out to help save the world. Unfortunately our hero is in a coma. Will David wake in time to save mankind? A mysterious force, Eiija, destroys one fourth of the earth's human populaton while our hero sleeps. Is Eiija friend or foe? And exactly what is Eiija?

Along the way you will gain insight into the financial crisis of recent years, observe a romantic interlude between our hero and a cellist from Israel, visit a strip club and witness our hero being seduced by a dancer at a strip club, meet a straight male Chinese student who meets and weds a beautiful and brilliant lesbian from Korea at the Harvard Business School, watch as a retired and highly religious businessman is sucked into the battle on the side of good, and be exposed to a couple of interesting social and economic ideas that might make our world a better place to live.


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I wrote 170 days ago

Finished Book One. Really enjoyed it but how can I find Book Two??? This has great potential, Infinity could be the next 'Harry Potter' but for older kids and young adults. view book

I wrote 568 days ago

Finished four chapters and found them quite facinating. I give it six stars and will try to find shelf space next month. There were a few typos such as using 'relived' instead of 'relieved' in the last sentence of chapter 2. Except fot the typos it was well written in an easy to read style. view book

I wrote 569 days ago

I've finished the first seven chapters and find the writing unique and impressive. Each word, each sentence, and each paragraph are well formed and the pieces fit extremely well together. As the author says it is the view of the world from the eyes of a six year old. It certainly jumps around a lot,... view book

I wrote 570 days ago

I read part 1 of cyberfreak debt on Amazon and it is really, really good. I will buy part two and read it as well since I am hooked and want to find out how everything turns out. Well written and sure to be a smash success. view book

I wrote 572 days ago

Harold, I read the first chapter and it is obvious you put your heart and soul into writing this. The style is difficult for me to read but seems appropriate for the topic. A few minor questions on wording: 1st paragraph: And Judas also, which betrayed him Should this be “who betrayed”? A bit... view book

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