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Six Years, Six Months

Edward Lilley

Freddy Stevens got all he ever wanted in life. Now, he's got to find the courage to admit he's changed his mind.

Freddy Stevens thought he had it all. Sensible job. Picture perfect marriage. New flat.

In only a few weeks an act of fate turns his world upside down.

Whilst fighting to repair the life he's spent years working to build, he begins to realise he may never have wanted it at all.

Exploring the six years in the past that led him to where he is now, and the six months that follow, 'Six Years, Six Months' is a story about love, friendship, and choices - the decisions we make that put us on the path we may follow for the rest of our lives.



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TheFourHorsemenSeries wrote 366 days ago

I'm leaving authonomy. Just don't really have the time. Have enjoyed ....

TheFourHorsemenSeries wrote 366 days ago

Edward, I'm leaving authonomy. Just don't really have the time. Ha....

Ben Dikko wrote 447 days ago

Hi Edward, I have now uploaded my book 'Run for your pencil' in fu....

Ben Dikko wrote 460 days ago

Hi EPL, I just uploaded my second project; 'Digging Through My Bac....

Software wrote 475 days ago

Hello Edward, Seasons greetings. Hope you are well. Maybe you ....

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I wrote 942 days ago

You’ve taken on a topic I haven’t seen before on authonomy and handled it with some style. Degenerative illness and a love affair – interesting! Sebastian is an intriguingly flawed protagonist that readers will want to identify with – watching his interaction with Louisa is both enthralling and mild... view book

I wrote 957 days ago

You don't see enough first-person writing and this has been handled really well. I've read your first five chapters and I think it's very well paced and engaging - didn't spot any typos which is a rarity too! view book

I wrote 958 days ago

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments thus far. I've just completed an update of the MS, in particular correcting some difficult tense construction and potentially confusing narrative. EPL view book

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