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I have a weakness for plotty romances, secondary characters that nearly steal the show, and yes, vampires. 'Keeper' is my attempt to combine these loves into one, entertaining package. I love fantasy, satire, humour, angst, adventure and have a high tolerance for well-written, melodrama. This may give you an idea of the kind of book I read and the sort I'm inclined to write.

Adverbs love me. It's not the other way around. I swear.

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Favourite Authors: Terry Pratchett, Patricia Cornwell, Sam Starbuck, Neil Gaiman, Tim Severin, Douglas Adams, Barbara Erskine, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jacqueline Carey, Amanda Quick, Elizabeth Lowell, J.K Rowling, David Mitchell, Orson Scott Card & George R. R. Martin and the brilliant, unisex toilet cubicle graffitist at Rockhampton airport, Qantas Departure Lounge.

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Keeper of the Tribe

Sonia Pedemont

Jack's just resigned after 3000 years on the job. No send-off. No gold watch. Just one final adventure where he re-learns the meaning of humanity.

Jack Quick is the world's oldest, living historian. Well, perhaps not exactly 'living'. He's seen empires rise and fall. He was there when Alexander took Babylon. He only just missed the Crucifixion due to a complete misunderstanding at a tavern in Jericho. He spell-checked for King John I of England and most recently, he is attending a cooking course at Mrs Pilkin’s Culinary College in Liverpool.

After almost three millennia of Unlife, Jack’s been promised the Sleep, an end to the monotony of his existence and relief from the heavy burden of being a Keeper, a vampire scribe.

Frankly, he’s ecstatic, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at him.

Enter Grace Weir, university student and part-time bartender. She thinks she’s just prevented a severely ungrateful man from getting his head cut off by a crazy woman in a public park. But Grace soon learns what Good Samaritans have known since the Gospel of Luke, that not all good deeds are repaid in kind.

In fact, some may even come back to bite you.


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j.l. wood-miller wrote 792 days ago

Hello Ms. Pedemont, Literary fiction pushed to its limits in a str....

ndaye wrote 928 days ago

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Laura A. D. wrote 1090 days ago

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j.l. wood-miller wrote 1096 days ago

Hello Ms. Pedemont: "An Unfinished Innocence" explores adulterous ....

HECROW55 wrote 1190 days ago

Good day fellow writer and child of God, A good mystery must alway....

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I wrote 1652 days ago

Hi Jo. Here I am after my bathtime reading! I read 3 chapters because that was all I had printed off, and I wanted more at the end of it. I like it! The changing POV style you're doing here is rare for a romance novel, but it suits the crime/thriller aspect. I have no problems with it. It's ref... view book

I wrote 1657 days ago

Hi Helen. This is an engaging story. You write beautifully and confidently. Your descriptions and imagery are subtle, yet rich with poignancy and feeling. Your characters are fleshed out and their actions and motivations very believable. There's a warmth to your writing that suits your story so well... view book

I wrote 1668 days ago

This is so good. My cup of tea, EXACTLY. Shelving as I read on. Randomness - I have a cat called 'Tybalt' and if I got a dollar for every time some person called him 'Tibbles', I'd be rich. Actually no, I'd still be skint, but I'd have my bus fare covered at least. view book

I wrote 1686 days ago

This was beautiful, lyrical and gentle. Your descriptions are poetry. Having read only the prologue, I can't comment on plot progression, but the first person narrative is excellent and the imagery just gorgeous. Thank you for inviting me to read. I'm shelving when i make some space, Ashen. Sonia... view book

I wrote 1687 days ago

Me again! Excellent 3rd chapter, hun. You're a natural story-teller. I thought Zoe's reactions throughout the dinner were very believable, given her difficult past. The dialogue was great, spot-on. I especially liked Nick and Zoe's final conversation in the car, when he takes her back to Denny's.... view book

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