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I read when I can on Authonomy which isn't as often as I would like, and I back the books that I genuinely think are good.

Lacey's House is my first book and is the winner of the 2012 Luke Bitmead Award. It is published by Legend Press and is available now on Kindle and in paperback (from May 1st). Many thanks to everyone on Authonomy who commented and gave advice.

Union of the Senses is my second book and is currently undergoing a rewrite so may change from one day to the next. Though it is also complete at approximately 108,000 words.

Jo G x

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So, so many but among them are the following:
The Time Travellers Wife
The Handmaid's Tale
The Mists of Avalon
From One World to Another
The Emperors Bones
The Hidden Oasis

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Could I interest you in taking a look at my novel, Charlie Parker's C....

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I wrote 1122 days ago

Hi Kerry, This is the first book on Authonomy that I have read all of. An easy, gentle read, perfect for holidaying by the pool. I really enjoyed it and will keep it on my shelf for the time being. Lots of luck Jo G x view book

I wrote 1152 days ago

Hi Kerry, I've just finished reading all of your posted chapters and I have to say this is right up my street.. Your characters are believable (even the dead ones) and mostly likeable (except for where they are not meant to be of course). Your storyline is intriguing and engaging, your writing fl... view book

I wrote 1152 days ago

Hi Valerie, This is such a lovely, gently told tale. The fact that it is a true story makes it doubly delightful. My son, who is nine, would love this story though I think he might be a little sad at the end as Freckles returns to the wild. My only little criticism (and it is tiny) is that on... view book

I wrote 1275 days ago

Hi Jocelyn, Welcome to Authonomy. I enjoyed your writing very much and I think that your pitch sells the story well, compelling th ereader to look further. I do love a good love story and this has all the makings of one. A couple of little points. I found the absence of the 'g' in words like 'le... view book

I wrote 1275 days ago

Hi Danielle, I love your pitch for Inikos Children, it pulled me in right away and made me want to read further and I wasn't disappointed when I did, I was pretty well hooked from the first line and found your writing creative and gripping. A lovely piece of work that I hope does well for you. ... view book

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