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I've made my book public again. See if you like the changes.

I live in shaky Christchurch, New Zealand. I've been married to the most charming surfer in New Zealand for almost 26 years. We have 5 children ages from 22 to 4 years! My area of speciality is the Spiritual Development of Children.

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The Battle of Sheol


Tom's extraordinary life is complicated when a man hands him a tattered little book. Words from the book transport Tom into another world.

You might think that having a housekeeper who suddenly appears when you need her, a man who watches over you like a hawk, and a magical ability to duel the first time a foil is placed in your hands, is odd enough. Watch out, Tom's life gets even stranger when a man hands him a tattered little book. Tom reads the words in red and falls into a strange world where Wizards, Changelings and mythical creatures abound.

Even in this world called Adamah, Tom is an oddity. This boy from earth finds his destiny is to rescue a prince, become a companion to a Changeling, and to the amazement of all become a Knight of Adamah. He sets off on his quest to rescue Prince Amos and free the other knights from a curse. But can he do it? One boy and a company of small weak creature against the Vile One and his army?

Read and see how Tom Wade changes everything about Adamah, and learns a secret about himself in the process.


The Sea Pillow


Jack's grandpa is in trouble. Jack falls asleep on an old pillow and becomes a pirate captain. Now can he save his grandpa?

Jack is a ten year old boy with a zany, loving family. His gentle, intense mother worries about his schoolwork, his fun-loving father forgets appointments and his unpredictable grandfather is in some sort of difficulty.

While visiting his grandfather, Jack is forced to sleep on a tatty old pillow and is immediately transported into the life of a pirate captain. All night long, he is the captain of the Sea Dragon and her rag-tag crew, during the day he helps his mum uncover the mystery surrounding grandpa.

Captain Jack and the crew of the Sea Dragon engage in a furious battle against The Bloody Raider and Captain Naggot. Jack faces the enemy with fierce determination to win the vast treasure. The missing magic eye of the Sea Dragon herself is at stake.

When they find that Grandpa is accused of stealing money from the charity, Sailing For Success, the family rally to help. At night Captain Jack fights his way through stormy seas to take on the enemy and realises that he must fight to clear the name of the Sea Dragon’s former captain. In doing so he finds the key to help his grandfather.


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That's kind of you. Fontaine.

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I wrote 904 days ago

A target age and story line that are my favourites so I'm happily reading this. Here are some random thougths. 1. Action starts right away. Something I think I struggle with--you have achieved. I was expecting Dorin to be a good guy..probably because the story starts with him. I think thi... view book

I wrote 938 days ago

Seems to me that you have pitched this just right! I think Cassidy could be loved by every kid in the world. I love her. Barbara view book

I wrote 941 days ago

Finsbury Park is a strange little place, isn't it? Who would knows such goings-on could occur in North London! You have interesting, quirky little stories here. I've read through chapter 8 and find that I could go on reading ...I'm especially interested to see if the stories wind up connecting to... view book

I wrote 1087 days ago

Very intriguing start here, Ted, in chapter one. Reading on now.... view book

I wrote 1113 days ago

I love Liam. I absolutely love his mum. The wall is so intriquing and I can feel my hands running along it. I don't like Amber's mum. I love her father. And the house draws me in. Further comments sent to you personally. And this will be on my shelf after I give a fair spin to those I just pu... view book

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