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Misery's Fire is now available for download or paperback on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers.

After the Pulse will be available soon. Stay tuned for more details...

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After the Pulse

Kim Jewell

An electromagnetic pulse has taken out the country's electrical supply. Shep, his father and sister must travel across the state to reunite their family.

Many theories emerged as to what happened. Some thought it was some form of terrorist attack. Others believed that aliens had destroyed our technology as a way to soften us up for an invasion. And some even believed that God had decided we needed to start over. The most common theory was that Earth was hit with some kind of electromagnetic pulse that completely fried everything electronic beyond repair. A theory which some were quick to point out was how they believed God had hit the restart button.

When it happened, a large portion of the population was immediately killed. Planes fell out of the sky, cars crashed, boats sank, hospital patients died, pacemakers failed… Some people never lost consciousness, some woke up almost immediately, and others went into comas that lasted for days. There were people that had their memories completely erased, and some were driven completely crazy. The worst were those who had their humanity completely stripped. They would kill for almost any reason.

This is a story of how a father and three teens worked against all odds to fight their way back home to reunite their family in the midst of a terrible tragedy.


Misery's Fire

Kim Jewell

A teenager's account of his time in hell. When the demons couldn't torture him, they sent him to a place more gruesome - high school.

When I found myself in hell I learned several things. One, there really is a Devil and he does rule over hell.

Two, an eye for an eye does not extend to the lives of the gang members who did not personally kill your sister.

Three, when you splash gasoline all over a body shop you also splash gasoline on yourself.

The fourth and most important lesson I learned was before you light the match with the intentions of burning down the gas station and killing the man that murdered your sister, you would be wise to leave the building instead of waking him up so he could see you pass your judgment on his life.

In hell, everyone is assigned their own demon caseworker. His job is to make sure you're as unhappy as possible and hell lives up to its reputation. Much to my caseworker’s disappointment, after living through Misery's death, none of the hells they created for me had the desired effect. I told him after living through my years in high school, I thought I could endure all he had to offer. So he promptly beamed me back to the fiery pits of high school.


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I wrote 1137 days ago

Hey there Natalie- For no rational reason, I started with lucky chapter 13! First of all, let me say I like the premise to this - it's chick-lit with an air of intrigue to it. Definitely something I would pick up to read. Love the cover too - very eye-catching. Also, I recognize that there ma... view book

I wrote 1231 days ago

Hi Gideon- I'm here to make good on our swap agreement - thanks again for approaching me to swap! I like the premise behind this thriller - it is definitely something I would pick up to read for enjoyment. I didn't find a whole lot to nit... The first thing that stuck out to me, though, wa... view book

I wrote 1241 days ago

Hi David- Finally I get back with you on feedback... Thank you so much for your patience on my return read. Last week was a busy - but very exciting - week for me! So I thank you for waiting... Instantly I recognize our writing styles (yours and mine) are very different. I've got some no... view book

I wrote 1256 days ago

Hi Aimee- While historical fiction is very far away from the genre I write in, I found this more enjoyable than I anticipated. That is most likely due to the strong characters - you've done a great job with development, right from the start. Mary Lou is instantly likeable, as are Tristan, Mrs. ... view book

I wrote 1288 days ago

Hi Rachelle- I'm here to make good on our read swap - thanks for asking, by the way! First of all, let me say I love your book cover! It's very striking, and the simplicity of it makes for a nice thumbnail image. Great job! Now, I'm not an expert in fantasy, so won't tinker with the storyli... view book

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