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CMT STIBBE lives in New Mexico, USA. She has traveled extensively to many archaeological sites all over the world. Her experiences have motivated her to write historical fiction and continue to provide inspiration for subsequent novels. You can visit her at www.cmtstibbe.com and on Amazon.

For publishers only: claireobelle@aol.com

Chasing Pharaohs reached the Editor's Desk December 2012. Thank you so much for all your support and comments.

Snare of the Fowler was one of HC's one to watch in 2013

favourite books

The Bible, Lee Child, Patricia Cornwell, Bernard Cornwell,
PG Stibbe, Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Simon Scarrow, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, JRR Tolkien, PD James, Agatha Christie, CS Lewis,John Grisham, Tom Clancy, LP Hartley, Thomas Hardy, Paul Gallico, Margaret George, Dean Koontz.

my websites

https://twitter.com/CMTStibbe     http://www.cmtstibbe.com

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my books

The Snare of the Fowler


Winning makes a warrior a legend. Losing is not an option. Egypt’s races are about to begin.

As the black kingdom of Alodia mourns a murdered king, three of its princes escape over the border to Egypt to find refuge in the Theban desert. But word reaches Pharaoh Kheper-Re that a new enemy has just blown in from the south, an enemy worth investigating, an enemy with a deadly secret. Instead of pitting his best warriors against each other in the yearly games, he invites seven of the Alodians to race against his elite.

Commander Shenq has been chosen to compete but he must fight to the death to save his position or forfeit house and lands, including his young wife.

Book cover by Bradley Wind.


Chasing Pharaohs


Commander Shenq must secure Egypt and the Pharaoh’s throne. Or die trying.

In the aftermath of a battle between the great powers of Egypt and her old foe Kush, Pharaoh Kheper-Re rules Thebes, the city of the golden gates. But still the wars rage on and the kingdom is on the brink of chaos. Kheper-Re fears an invasion by his old nemesis in Alodia and with the help of his most favored Commander he musters a group of men more deadly than the enemy he fears. As the future of Egypt hangs in the balance Commander Shenq, leader of Pharaoh’s Most Honored Ones, must protect Thebes from a Shadow-Hunter and his army of ten thousand men. The Queen, too, is making plans―with a few followers of her own. And as a Hebrew prophet interprets dreams and a bodyguard hears rumors, the quest for peace has never been more challenging. Commander Shenq must drive out all threats to the throne and bring the assassin to heel.

Based on meticulous research, Chasing Pharaohs is a fascinating portrait of 18th Dynasty Egypt during the time of Thutmose II.


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I wrote 132 days ago

Limerance is a book that inflames a mix of emotions―sensual and beguiling― it’s hard to put down. Mia and Breckt POV’s are interwoven from the beginning and we begin to see Mia’s struggle with a power well beyond her control. We sympathize with her choices and at the same time we perversely want he... view book

I wrote 166 days ago

Whisperer is an Historical fantasy book. Written in a rhythmic and sensory style, the book propels the reader from the humdrum of the office into a vivid daydream. The characters are strong although a smattering of ‘attitude’ might add an extra layer here and there. The prologue bonds us to Sara... view book

I wrote 168 days ago

The pitch and the title of this book convey a brutality of the period that promises a compelling journey. Readers resonate with maltreatment and the exploitation of a race. Many have experienced it first-hand. And these chapters don’t disappoint. They’re emotionally charged and skillfully written,... view book

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Authonomy doesn’t give a book anywhere near enough stars to exemplify good writing. And yes, this one’s darker than Alice’s mad Wonderland. The pitch tells us it is probably a little salacious which is why everyone gave it a try. How many of us read steamy romance? Hands up now. Don’t be shy. ... view book

I wrote 208 days ago

I read the first chapter of your book Jeri and would like to make two suggestions. Firstly, it might be beneficial to consider more NIV or NKJV translations to help the reader. Though the KJV is poetic and of course, beautifully written, it tends to become lost on a modern audience. I see from your ... view book

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