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Sorry for all the neglect guys. I've backed a couple of books this time around, and I thank anyone for the continued support they have given me.

You can probaly find me on Facebook. It is a little easier to get on there for me.

For now I finally got a job. And am just waiting to get all the other sorts of great stuff that comes with that. I have faith that this year will be better.

Much love.

- Debs

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Deborah Lee Clark

There is a tide wavering. A rebellion forming.
You are either for them or against them, on the hot pavement, your corpse will be lifeless.

Skye is the beginning. The start and end of blue skies. She is the granddaughter of a shifter. One of the first of many to come.

She has a secret that can be the uprising of humanity, or maybe even its downfall. She is the one who can help everyone, no matter what side they draw.

But she has one little problem.

She just now found out she is not the only one with her power.


Dear Cinderella

Deborah Lee Clark

This is not your normal story tale. Elle isn't your chamber maid alone, in fact she prides herself on being no ones.

Meet Elle, a chamber maid hell bent on forgetting and not forgiving Bryn. The stable boy who took not only her affection but her step mothers wealth, amidst using Elle, Bryn falls for the seemingly mean less milk maid, Amelia.

Can Elle forgive not only Amelia, but Bryn once she finds out the pain Bryn has caused both woman?

Will she be able to stop the hatred that dwells inside her very being, when she meets her Prince Charming?

Besides who is Prince Charming?

Well, maybe he is not quite as charming as you thought he would be.

More importantly can she do this all before she steps into the very real reason of why she is even alive.
Or will she ruin her story tale forever?


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Sam Barclay wrote 63 days ago

Thanks, Debs, for the backing. I really appreciate it. Good luck with....

KirkH wrote 91 days ago

Thanks Deborah for backing Expat Wives. Much appreciated. Kirk :-)

~Evangeline~ wrote 142 days ago

Hey Hottie Thanks again. Haven't heard from you since that brief m....

D.J.Milne wrote 142 days ago

Hi Deb, Just popped by to say thank you for your support of The Tige....

Sam Barclay wrote 148 days ago

Hi Debs, I caught your 'about me' page. Would you like to do a ....

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I wrote 572 days ago

Your rank has gone up alot Patio. From the last time I read this it has been dramatically rewritten. It is very easy to read now, and you can understand your pain alot more now that it is in alot clearer for other readers. I am going to set this on my shelf and help you get up there to that desk so ... view book

I wrote 585 days ago

I absolutely adore this! It is as if the characters are coming out of my computer screen, and if this was a printed book, it would be like they were coming off the page. The dialogue is so hilariously genuine. I love it. The main characters narrative, so good. I will keep on reading, and ca... view book

I wrote 601 days ago

Club Nora Critque- This screams and beckons originality. It is so quirky, so sexy, and comidic all at once. The flow is so steamy and so nicely done in the dialogue between HotNcold, and Sarah, aka CocoCooks. I was expecting romance but this almost reads as Erotica. I was thinking to myself We... view book

I wrote 609 days ago

Club Nora Critique- I like your pitch. You sum up your first chapter very well. Emilee has a very keen eye for detail. She is someone it seems that could chat your ear off but in a good way. I noticed when she says her height you put five feet eleven inches, should it not be five foot elev... view book

I wrote 613 days ago

Club Grimoire Review- I have read this before. But I see you have it alot more polished than last time. I do not remember this scene the last time I read it. The ending line is perfect. At first I had a little trouble with identifying which character was which, but I got to the groove and f... view book

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