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I was a journalist with United Press International, a telecommunications executive with MCI and Pocket Communications, and a bookseller (Basset Books LLC). I also had some experience in university public relations with Johns Hopkins and media relations in the office of the Governor of Maryland. From time to time I have done some business consulting, usually writing, or analyzing business plans. Even though I was admitted to the Bar in Maryland, I never practiced law. I am a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Baltimore School of Law. My wife, Jan, and I live in Columbia, MD. We have a daughter, Cary, who lives in Portland, OR with her husband, Christopher.

I have self-published two novels, A Light Not of This World, and Seneca Point, A Brandon Webster Mystery. I hope my third novel, The Blue Girl Murders, will be commercially published.

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http://www.danriker.blogspot.com     http://www.alightnotofthisworld.com

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Nathan Maki wrote 579 days ago

Hi there! Thanks for your support for my book, A War Within! ....

love4044 wrote 824 days ago

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ccb1 wrote 869 days ago

Backed THE BLUE GIRL MURDERS. Really great beginning with…finding the....

ndaye wrote 895 days ago

(jessica_2vndaye@yahoo.com) My name is jessica i saw your profile t....

Juliusb wrote 900 days ago

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I wrote 942 days ago

The first story I ever wrote for UPI that received world-wide newspaper play was a feature about a supposed Norse site in Western New York. I have been interested in this subject for many years. You have done a terrific job of description and scene building. It is a very long chapter, but I'm not su... view book

I wrote 942 days ago

Chapters 1 and 4 appear to be the same. This is well-written. You told quite a good story in three chapters, but where are you going with it? view book

I wrote 942 days ago

This is my first comment on the first book I have started to read on this site. I'm very interested in Roman history, and have read a great deal. Something struck me in chapter one that made me realize there is a gap in my knowledge of church history. There is a mention of one of Paul's letters. Whe... view book

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