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Things I like....

Writing stories...sometimes poems.... and now novels...
Painting (walls are preferable to pictures)
Costume History
Cows - moo
DIY or better ... making flat-pack furniture
Eating out
My Cat
People Watching
Cruising to the islands
Families and friends
Driving around...
And I'm proud to be Scottish!

favourite books

Harry Potter (all)
Jane Austen (esp. Emma and Sense & Sensibilty)
Tolkien's Silmarillion

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my books

Becoming a Lady

Margaret Fleming

It's not easy becoming a lady. Especially when starting from rock bottom, as Katy is discovering. She needs assistance, but who can she trust?

Aberdeenshire, Autumn 1878.

Katy dreams of leaving the inn near the harbour. The expensive lessons learning how to walk and talk are wasted, as she waits tables fending off abusive and rowdy punters.

George admires Katy from afar. If she only had money not just looks. His paltry bank balance is a source of constant irritation. Marrying well seems his only hope. But is there an easy way to get rich and win Katy? Will she go along with the plan?

Henry has all the money he needs but a demanding family who would have it all for themselves. Despising the curse of being wanted only for his financial assets, he must always pay for others to realise their ambitions. But what about his own? He dreams of exacting revenge on those who love only his money, but is that really enough?

For Katy to realise her ambition and escape the drudgery of her life, she must find an escape route. With the family-run Inn sinking lower and lower, the possibility of getting out is evermore distant. How can she break away? And if she does, what unknown complications lie ahead?

Now Complete!


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