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My career as a science writer and editor at medical research institutions was long and rewarding. Now retired, I live in Sarasota, Florida, write mainly fiction, and lead a critique group. I have published five novels of various genres. Two more are shown here along with 43 short stories. Other interests are reading, studying French, and talking with my daughter in Oregon and my cat.

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Mark Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger," Henry James' "The Turn of the Screw," F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Tender Is the Night," Katherine Anne Porter's "Pale Horse, Pale Rider," Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita," Charles Baudelaire's "Les Fleurs du Mal," Liam O'Flaherty's "Skerrett," Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird," William Faulkner's "Light in August," and James Stephens' "The Crock of Gold."

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Andrew Hughes wrote 28 days ago

Hi Bill, You might remember by book The Morning Drop reached the d....

TheImpeccableEditor wrote 35 days ago

Did you ever get your HC review of your book and will you be sharing ....

tone099 wrote 54 days ago

My name is Peter Reich, special investigator to the Pope and former c....

Christine May wrote 90 days ago

Hi Bill, I have no idea what happened, both your books disappeared f....

Bamboo Promise wrote 90 days ago

Hello Bill, I am back with my 2nd book. It is not completed but have ....

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I wrote 335 days ago

Hi Andrew-- Thanks for your message. I've decided to put Robots Running Wild on my shelf for a while. It should appeal to kids, with its zany premise (kids rehabilitating oldsters) and your interesting characters. Thanks for supporting Call Home the Child. Why don't you try some of my stories in Ann... view book

I wrote 345 days ago

Chris, I'm impressed with your clear and skillful writing, especially the characterizations and description. Backing Game Changer now and will comment further when I've read more. Bill (Call Home the Child) and (Annabella and Other Stories) view book

I wrote 408 days ago

Dear Christine, I read Runaway, liked it very much, and commented in some detail. Tried to erase what appeared to be a duplicate and lost it all. Briefly, I said that you posed Annie's dilemma very well and gave us some fine characterizations. The gist of my comment was that I hoped Annie would foll... view book

I wrote 463 days ago

Dear Sue, After reading the first few chapters of Rough Diamonds back in November, I kept it on my shelf for about two weeks. My notes at that time said, "Strong emotional writing. Comment on organization." I replaced it with another book, intending to back it again soon, but neglected it in the ... view book

I wrote 464 days ago

Dear emarie-- First I want to thank you for the nice things you said about "Call Home the Child." You've seen that our subject matter is similar, at least as far as one of my characters, Penny, is concerned, so you'll understand how I could read your prologue and four chapters without pausing. You w... view book

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