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A sincere thank you to the hundreds of readers who read and enjoyed my book, Lore.

After reaching the editors desk, I received a contract offer from Glass House Press, and a few requests from agents. I didn't sign the contract for Lore on the advice of a solicitor.

But BAH!

Enough of that!

There is always another story to be told. I like my second book even better ;)

Not going for the desk again, so please, no drive-by 'oh its amazing' reviews. Honest critiques! I dont want backings.

I'm Irish, 22 and doing my BSc (Hons) in Education at Dublin City University.

favourite books

His Dark Materials, Everything by Steven King, The Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings, The Book Thief, The Graveyard Book, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Dark Tower series.

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I wrote 1004 days ago

I adore this! view book

I wrote 1462 days ago

Squeee! This is my first comment in months, just to let you know, I'm in love with the premise and really excited about this. Planning on finishing the 5 sections tonight, let me know if you post more in future please! Backed of course. Mel x view book

I wrote 1555 days ago

Different. I love different. And it doesn't let you stop. You have my backing :) view book

I wrote 1557 days ago

This is such a breath of fresh air in the fantasy genre. I've only read a little but will definitely continue! Great humor and colorful characters always win me over ;) You have my backing. view book

I wrote 1661 days ago

This is so out there. Brave, epic, exquisite. I truly enjoyed it so far and would love to read a little more. M view book

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