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I am a South African, living in an interesting country in interesting times, well aware of the portentous weight of that description. I am a member of the most misunderstood people in the world - the Afrikaners. As a writer I am blessed with the enormous wealth of material surrounding me - the crazy, careening, multi-colour, hell-bent, dizzy society of South Africa.

favourite books

I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe,
Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens,
Die Ruiter in die Nag by Mikro
Eye of the Tiger by Wilbur Smith

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Jonty Jones Takes Guard

BT Albers

Jonty knew all about cricket but precious little about knights, princesses and civil war. Good thing she's a fast learner...

Jonty Jones just wanted to play cricket for the school team - until a mysterious little princess arrived, closely followed by her fat bodyguard, the bodyguard’s official complainer, his take-away singer, the princess’ great-grandfather - the world’s oldest teenager – and a couple of incorrigible fnells.

More sinister is the huge and angry assassin tracking them. Worst of all, Thyduum the Terrible is on his way and he has “bloodeyes”.

In order for the little princess to survive, Jonty Jones has to take guard... and the islanders soon learn: Bowl a bouncer to Jonty and she smacks it out of the park!

If you want to know what a fnell is, who conquered Mikndrik the Slippery, how the Lumpkins got their comeuppance and what a courier lizard does, read on…

(Yeah, Jonty Jones Takes Guard is a big old children's novel, weighing in at a Harry Potter-sized 126,000 words. If you want to get a sense of the book, may I suggest you go straight to chapters 6,7 & 8?)


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Hi Blunderbus, this is just to say I BACKED your book previously. If ....

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I wrote 1747 days ago

CP, A rare pleasure! A finely drawn, richly detailed romp. I can well see myself one day buying this book and returning to it often for its power of transporting the reader to a place that will become as familiar as his own town. The dialogue is right on the money, the plot is absorbing and the in... view book

I wrote 1755 days ago

Mike! Brave New World in conference with Clockwork Orange and Minority Report. It takes guts to create a whole new, functioning world, but you are well on your way to pulling it off. It is still rough around the edges, but the structure is in place. Your imagination is a rampant force. Good for you... view book

I wrote 1756 days ago

Yes! A fast-paced, well-plotted, finely crafted story with a decent pace. This will have any thriller reader humming with satisfaction over a fine read. One technical (and very male!) quibble: Pump-action shotguns do not lend themselves to having their barrels sawn short, due to the long tubular m... view book

I wrote 1756 days ago

Ed... I liked it. Your protagonist is a complex, thoughtful, ironic person and following his observations and experiences is quite a trip. I love character-driven stories and this is definitely one. There is a nice play between the constrasts and similarities of major and minor catastrophes. When a... view book

I wrote 1757 days ago

Dagsê Kim, It works for me... You've maintained the narrative arch very neatly, the dialogue clicks along nicely and the plot and pace continually draws one into the story. I could well see this as a published book; something I with which I could while away a pleasant day and consider it time well... view book

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