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Well, hey everybody, it happens...I have a publishing deal. It's not HC but I have to thank this site for a great deal of input from intelligent and experienced writers.
Used wisely, Autho represents a chance to take on board some excellent peer reviews and often they contain some superb nuggets that will change the way you look at your work.
My own opinion is that chasing the desk is futile for its own sake, although the more you read the more you're read - once into the top 50 the system ensures that you only get titfortat backing and the quality of the feeedback diminishes noticeably.
It's this feedback - the real in depth crits that come along one in 30 or 50 crits - that are the true gold of Autho, not the pyrites of the Holy Flail at the desk. It's emotionally consuming and takes a lot of time that can be spent honing and creating....
As I say, it's just my personal opinion and I am in no way detracting from the value of Autho, which I think is an excellent site - and, no, I can't come up with a better idea!

Please feel free to read what I have up here - it was complete but have to take some down, contracts and all that jazz...

There is a forum post with details of what I wrote and why...


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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Mat Jackson

A dark tale of two very separate lives both driven by uncontrollable desires toward their own explosive fates.

Their lives are polar opposites - but two strangers find themselves on the same path to destruction.

Disheartened by life, Dave Grimshaw delves into the darkest corners of his desires, where the objects of his warped fantasies have no hope of fighting back.

Equally disillusioned, Jessica Balans discovers how easy it is to depart from the ‘perfection’ of domestic bliss when she falls in love with another man.

Everyday people with everyday lives. Until they start to act upon their desires.

Now there’s no way back. For either of them…


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I wrote 1614 days ago

watch the adverbs... view book

I wrote 1662 days ago

Superb. MAT view book

I wrote 1664 days ago

Adverby, but cool. Good luck, M view book

I wrote 1666 days ago

Cool. Watch the adverbs, even the dreaded 'quickly' appears twice in the first page, but nice work, backed, M view book

I wrote 1695 days ago

Awrite Princess, In now for a read... K, done fairy tale stylee so the opening works well... [ Mary sighed. “Chance, you come down from there. You are too clumsy,” she said. ] - dont need the tag Spotting a few too many adverbs ( plaintively, despondently, briefly...] and in places... view book

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