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*** UPDATE 13-08-2012:

I have to decided to call it a day with Tamria, and will not be editing or adding to it further. Having received a spate of rejection letters from agents I have concluded that the book just isn't worthy of publication, and that this might not even be down to the quality of the writing, which has been vastly improved with the collaboration of several authors on this site. The story itself, as one reviewer has pointed out to me, is generic and hackneyed. So I am abandoning this project.

Perhaps some more gifted writer or storyteller will be able to salvage something from this mess (I know there are good ideas here - just not enough to make a good story), so if anyone here would like to have a complete copy of the manuscript, to do with as they please, let me know your e-mail address and I will send it to you. By doing so I would surrender all ownership of the work and if (against all likelihood) it did somehow find its way into print, I would not attempt to claim credit for it.

R.I.P. TAMRIA 2008-2012 - You will be sadly missed.


I would like to thank the following Authonomites, for their valuable support, advice and critique.

Cara Goldthorpe
Lucy Middlemass
Melissa Schilowitz
Richard Maitland
Alecia Stone
R.J. Blain
Edwin P. Magezi
Genevieve Graham - editing, www.WritingWildly.com
Scott Toney
Alan Chaput
J.L. Simpson

favourite books

"Lord of the Rings" - J.R.R. Tolkien
"Chronicles of Narnia" - C.S. Lewis
"His Dark Materials" - Philip Pullman
"Game of Thrones" ("A Song of Ice and Fire") - George R. R. Martin
"Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" - Susanna Clarke
"Stardust" - Neil Gaiman
"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
"2001: A Space Odyssey" - Arthur C. Clarke

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my books

Tamria: Book One

James A. Gravil

The best laid plans never work out as you expect...

When Coren and his friends, a brotherhood of misfit thieves, accept a mission to kidnap a princess, they find themselves in deeper trouble than they can imagine. Caught up in a power struggle between three nations, they find themselves at the heart of a conspiracy involving an ambitious queen’s plan to take over the world, a politician obsessed with stopping her, and a magical arms-dealer secretly supplying all sides…

*** UPDATE 20-08-2012: I have decided to abandon this book and will not be editing or adding to it further. It will remain on this site for people to sample and, if possible, enjoy. The manuscript is "up for grabs" if anyone wants it. For more info see my author profile. ***

R.I.P. TAMRIA 2008-2012


Tamria: Book Two (excerpt chap....

James A. Gravil

Assorted chapters from Book Two which I am currently editing and hoping to put into Book One. NOT A COMPLETE BOOK!


Due to word count limitations (keep your first novel under 100k words!), Tamria: Book One ended where it had to: with the discovery by Coren, Aloria and No-Name of the Mage Factory in Oakvale, where No-Name and the other golems were created. That seemed to me a logical place to end the first book, and better than the original cut-off point, which was after the conversation between the two villains, Kueller and Queen Beruthia.

The *real* ending to Book One, as I would like it to be, is the arrival of Coren, Gustav, Aloria and No-Name in the Sky-City of Elyssia, and their meeting with Lord Cedric, Aloria's uncle. There's a great deal more story to come, and this was the most obvious and natural place to end this volume, as it begins with Coren and the Brothers accepting the mission to kidnap the princess, and ends with Coren fulfilling it.

I'm hoping that if some publisher or agent ever does take an interest in Tamria, they will be willing to let me get away with a "longer" book that's probably close to 120k words.


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I wrote 619 days ago

Hi, here's my promised read. It's difficult to know how to rate and review this first chapter. Actually, I think this is one of the hardest reviews I've had to write in a while. On the one hand, your talent as an writer shines from the start as does your flair for scene-setting. There are some gr... view book

I wrote 620 days ago

Would've emailed this to you, but for some reason Hotmail isn't working at the moment. What is going on with the Internet today??? Looking forward to your edits on my next chapter. James "Tamria" CHAPTER 9 “whether to be amused or horrified” – I’d insert “or not” (“whether or not to be ... view book

I wrote 623 days ago

Hello. Sorry it's taken me a few days to get around to return reading. I enjoyed this first chapter - slightly slow at the start but once you get into the swing of things with the dialogue and character introductions it really gets interesting. I couldn't find much to criticise in your style or your... view book

I wrote 624 days ago

Thanks for reading "Tamria" - here's my return read. I haven't read the whole chapter (it's long, and I'm a busy person with a lot of my own writing to do!), but I've read enough to get a sense of your writing style. I must say, I am impressed. You have a rich and diverse vocabulary, and a flair ... view book

I wrote 626 days ago

YAL REVIEW Another great chapter, and there are so many great phrases and words you use, I didn't list them all but just some of the ones I like. I really enjoyed the way you built up the tension between the characters in this scene, and at one point I felt like I was actually inside the girl's h... view book

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