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married, 5 own + 3 in foster care = 8 children

I live in the Czech Republic. I write in Czech language and my husband translates for me in English.

Now Don't Shine Into My Speaker is available on several web sites (click below on My Website reference).

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Betty MacDonald: Egg and I

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Don't Shine into My Speaker!

Alena Konečná

To have ambivalent feelings in raising a developmentally disabled child is normal. It's impossible without them. The only question is how to handle them.

One night watch at the sick child's bed, interwoven with the second layer of the story--the author's memories of the struggles, suffering, and even the frustration with herself in her ability to love her foster child who turns out to be mentally disabled. Bold, truthful, and "naked" authenticity of the narrative may shock the reader. The story has no expected happy-end, nevertheless, it does have an unexpected one.

"I realized that this was not a battle for her change to better, but for ours."


Moving by October

Alena Konečná

With disgust, I waded in the city mud and felt smog penetrating my soul... my patience is over.

Her right hemisphere sends out the impulses which originated in her heart, desires, and dreams. He takes the impulses and processes them with his left hemisphere. He makes her dreams come true. He works, creates, plans, realizes, builds.
And suddenly there is no way back. And sometimes she wonders, what in the world she longed for.
But there is a strength in both of them.
Although sometimes in very different ways.


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I wrote 1450 days ago

Chapters four and eight are identical. What do you mean? Are you cheating to make it visible? Would you not make 10.000 words without a chapter copied twice? Do you think your cheating can bring glory to God? Pray that nobody would report abuse (it's not gonna be me, don't worry). And as you pray, l... view book

I wrote 1526 days ago

Hello, Bora, I backed your book because I am convinced It deserves attention. Nevertheless, I urge you (as somebody did to me) to check also Harper True Life among your genres. Every month Harper True picks up ten most popular books in that selection for review, so don't hesitate! Alena view book

I wrote 1529 days ago

Although I've backed this book some time ago, I am posting this comment because I believe it deserves to stay among the top ones (in spite of the fact that my own book sort of competes with yours in the Harper True genre). Wish you make it! alena view book

I wrote 1536 days ago

I like the fact that the verses are simple enough even for an international like me to be able to read and understand. And you courage to place a poetry on a site like this must be appreciated and rewarded. backed with the wishes for you to gain readers! alena view book

I wrote 1538 days ago

Thank you so much! Your insights are very helpful and make me think a lot. The pitch about Deni the princess--in Czech it is on the back cover. I hoped to show the readers that (1) it will have something to do with the Christian faith, and (2) that Deni is mentally disabled. However, I underst... view book

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