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Humour, history and horses - not necessarily in that order!

I have had three books published so far and have self-published a further three . I've re-issued one recently as a digital edition after regaining the rights to it.

One Fell Swoop
Against the Odds
Hoofprints in Eden
The Forthright Saga
Dragon Bait

For details of my books as paperback or digital editions please see my web site, http://www.jackdawebooks.co.uk/

Reviewing: I will read your short and long pitches. If you grab me, I will read a chapter, possibly more if I like it. My review will be honest. I do not flatter or play games, so if I say I like your work it's because I think it's good and saleable, not to gain your backing for my own.

I also have to write and work, so bear with me. For those reasons I also don't add or ask for friend links - sorry :) If you like me - buy a copy of one or more of my books!

favourite books

Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy (since when I have largely gone off "Lord of the Rings")
Somerville & Ross, "The Irish R. M." (collected from Some Experiences of an Irish RM, Further Experiences of an Irish RM, etc)
A S Byatt, "Possession"
D L Sayers' detective novels
Ngaio Marsh's detective novels
Zoe Sharp's Charlie Fox thrillers
Dick Francis (most of his racing thrillers)
Audrey Niffenegger's "The Time Traveler's Wife"
Hugh Walpole's "Herries" chronicle
Josephine Tey's "Daughter of Time" and "Brat Farrar"
Almost anything by Terry Pratchett (for wacky surrealism and good humour) or Bill Bryson (for splendidly lucid prose)
Malcolm MacDonald's "World From Rough Stones" series
Jackie Moffat's "Sheepwrecked" and "The Funny Farm"
Non fiction on equine matters
and many, many others

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Weaver Reads wrote 950 days ago

Hi Authonomy Friends! I have gone from #16 to #21 in the last four d....

Roger Thurling wrote 1294 days ago

Sue, you cannot be more delighted than I am to find a fellow Herries ....

Roger Thurling wrote 1296 days ago

Dear Sue I would like to read your book "Dragon Bait", and I shoul....

Gauis wrote 1305 days ago

thank you

Benjamin Dancer wrote 1307 days ago

Sue Millard, The Forthright Saga is on my shelf. If there’s a partic....

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I wrote 1019 days ago

There's brave. Someone who is willing to make a poet an active hero in a novel. Until now I'd only thought of Philip Sidney as a sonnetteer - we tend to forget that the Elizabethan court was one requiring a man to be skilful in many areas. I read chapter 1 and some of 5 - it's quite lively though I ... view book

I wrote 1033 days ago

Lovely cover photo, very appealing. I can see it's right on the money as far as content goes - reminds me a bit of Cousin Kate (Heyer) ie "young well bred girl has to become a governess". You go straight into "a" love interest so the hooks are there to draw the reader onward. I personally found the ... view book

I wrote 1036 days ago

I found chapters 1 and 2 very hard going. So many characters, many with dual names, so many facts, boom boom boom. Convincing, yes, well researched, yes, but readable and engaging, no - sorry. I actually had to double check that you'd tagged this as a novel. However! However! Once you get into chapt... view book

I wrote 1210 days ago

Your characters and locations are credible and well drawn. You know the places, you know the people, and you let me see them too. Now your writing needs pruning down - a lot - from the initial slabs of description. I'd cut out the obvious statements and the repeated information that make me skip-rea... view book

I wrote 1292 days ago

Hi Rebecca I liked your pitches so I came to read. I've looked at chapters 1 and 2 and am growing to like your MC. However, the opening sequence where she was fuelling the jeep didn't work for me. The more I read the second part of Ch 1, the better it seemed as an opening, because here you STAR... view book

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