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Hi everyone, just to let know you Confession of a Muslim Girl has had a makeover and a new title, it's now on sale as "The Arab Season" and fast climbing the charts on Amazon.


Thanks to everyone here who helped and supported my journey as a writer, I couldn't have done it without you! X

This is my first novel (confessions of a muslim girl)....it is NOT an autobio but merely a dramatization of the lives of four young muslim women living in the city.

Any suggestions or feedback is welcomed.

Many thanks in advance :)



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The Arab Season

Alisa Ahlam

Secrecy is their byword, family honour; their cross to bear.

If you were a Muslim girl wanting to keep family honour, but loving Western ways, how would you play it? With one foot in each culture, Hani thought she and her friends knew how. They enjoyed what they shouldn’t. They paid a price. One of them paid with her life.

Zuleka’s father, an Imam, keeps his household of girls under strict rule. All have to wear the hijab with abaya or other forms of loose fitting, modest clothing. To him, Zuleka is the epitome of a dutiful daughter. She dreads him discovering her other life.

Hamdi has the most freedom, abandoned by her mother and discounted by her father; she is a loose canon with attitude.

Ayan manages her life well, respecting her faith and culture, whilst enjoying some light relief.

And, Hani? She can trick her hypochondriac mother, but her radical brother poses her problems.

They enjoy life, but are on a crash course to disaster. Islam wins.


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Mademoiselle Nobel wrote 687 days ago

Hi Alisa! MISS MANNERS has just entered the Top 5 on the Editor’s ....

Mademoiselle Nobel wrote 829 days ago

Happy New Year, Alisa! I'm just wondering whether you'd possibly b....

ndayery wrote 891 days ago

(rafica_4ndaye@yahoo.com) My name is rafica i saw your profile toda....

JohnDoe wrote 901 days ago

Hi Alisa. Really well done on getting your book to Amazon. I saw yo....

Jim Darcy wrote 901 days ago

Well done! It deserves a wider audience!

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I wrote 1384 days ago

haha, hilarious! love it! view book

I wrote 1384 days ago

Ryan, It was your cover that actually drew me in, it looks like Arabic/ Islamic calligraphy, is it? After the cover, i read your pitch and it sounds excellent! I am always drawn to time warp/ fantasy stories and yours sounds promosing. BACKED. Alisa view book

I wrote 1394 days ago

I love the first page, the bus paragraph is so true and reminds of my time in London. backed. Alisa Confessions of a Muslim Girl view book

I wrote 1395 days ago

I like the details in the book, historical fiction is no easy undertaking but you seem to have done your research very well and you right with authority, the vivid description does help us to visualize the battle scence and the dialogue sounds authentic. I am no book critic, but I think this i... view book

I wrote 1395 days ago

Hi Amy, The chapters uploaded are the very first in the book, so the impact of that night will be revealed as the reader moves on....however, this is a FIRST draft so I am sure there are many editing sessions that await me....I will work on the issue of the timeline to make it clearer. Thanks fo... view book

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