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Luciana House is a pseudonym - my real name is Lucy Ann Backhouse. I'm currently working as a cinema manager, but it's my dream to be a published writer.

Anyone needing to contact me, email - lucybackhouse@hotmail.co.uk

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The Land Without a King

Lucy Ann Backhouse

I used to think fairytales only existed within the dusty pages of a book. I was wrong.

As children we have vast imaginations, our ignorance shielding us from the reality that no matter what we dream, how we hope our lives will turn out, it never comes true. If you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up it's always something impossible: an astronaut, a princess, an actor. When I was asked that question, my answer was - to be normal, closely followed by invisible. Nobody ever gets what they wish for, and if they do, they waste and throw it all away. Perhaps it was better not to dream at all. #PLEASE NOTE: This is an updated version of my original story Burning Angel#


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punkandwhat wrote 29 days ago

HI if you get a chance come check out my book "The battle against Ske....

judoman wrote 119 days ago

Hey Lucy how you doing ? Long time no speak dean :)

Joshua Jacobs wrote 133 days ago

Hey! I haven't been active on here in a while, but I was going thr....

judoman wrote 235 days ago

hey Lucy long time no speak, hope all is well :)

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 278 days ago

Lucy, Please excuse me, but I'm doing a poll on those who've read "T....

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I wrote 818 days ago

Why is this falling back?? This book is amazing! I've put you back on my shelf. Good Luck! view book

I wrote 938 days ago

There is so much about this I love. The fact that it's read from Lucifer's POV is original. I actually kind of like him. I can see myself getting addicted to this. Luciana House 'Burning Angel' view book

I wrote 940 days ago

Firstly, this is like nothing I've read on here before. Secondly, I'm surprised it's not on anymore bookshelves. From the opening lines I was hooked. I could vividly see the town centre and the crowd in their grey and browns. I felt sad that Willow stopped herself from being saved. I wish I could r... view book

I wrote 942 days ago

My tummy clenched with excitment whilst reading this, which is one of the things I love about reading the most. Savannah (beautiful name by the way) is a great character, and I knew within the first few paragraphs that I liked her a lot. You write in first person really well, and I don't actually t... view book

I wrote 943 days ago

I hope that you take this small criticism as a bit of advice, but feel free to ignore me because I'm obviously no expert. In places there seems to be a little too much description. Most of it is beautiful, and it helps me to really visualise everything, you have a fantastic imagination. But I sort o... view book

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