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I have always wanted to be a writer but until a few years ago never had the time to be able to make it happen due to health problems in the family.
Will Ryan is my first book , and I put it on Authonomy some months ago without editing it, just to see what response it got.
It zoomed up to the 1200 mark in a very short time, but then for months I haven't been on the site. The book stayed more or less where it was and now I am back with the edited 'Will Ryan', hoping like everyone else to reach the editors desk.

Anyone who wants to read 'Will Ryan' please go ahead. I ALWAYS RETURN READS, and I read all genres.

If I owe you a read please feel free to remind me.

Publishers and agents please contact me;

favourite books

The Holy Bible
Sons and Lovers, D H Lawrence
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
The Lion the witch and the wardrobe C S Lewis
Brer rabbit series - Enid Blyton
Poetry and plays of Oscar Wilde
Poetry of TS Eliot

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my books

Will Ryan

Ruby Middleton

Jo discovers her friend had been sleeping with her late husband. She heads off to the Carribean and finds herself in the midst of disaster...

When Jo discovers one of her friends had been sleeping with her late husband, distraught and confused, she heads off to the Carribean to discover the truth.
On the journey there she meets Will Ryan, an Irish divorcee, who lives in the Dominican Republic. Although he's a bit of a charmer Jo's still attracted to him. She rejects his advances but then almost as soon as they reach the hotel she sleeps with him.
Day by day she sees the loving father and husband he was before his first wife tragically died, and she falls in love with him.
She discovers her friend Charlie has been in a riding accident, and suspicious things begin to happen which make her think Charlie's accident wasn't an accident at all.
Will gets into a serious fight over Jo. Someone gets murdered, and Will pulled the trigger...

Jo goes on the run with Will. They travel on his motorbike along the North East coast, hiding from the police and Will's dangerous friends. Will's drinking, drug taking and violence spiral out of control, and Jo begins to fear for her life.


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Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 2 days ago

Ruby, Just so you know, "The North Korean" can be found in its full ....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 211 days ago

Ruby, Thank you so much for your past comments. They've helped me wi....

Brian Bandell wrote 269 days ago

Hi Sandy, Thanks for your previous support of Mute. You said last ....

Kenneth Edward Lim wrote 360 days ago

Ruby, You might want to click on www.scribd.com/dloganw whereby Davi....

Brian Bandell wrote 447 days ago

Hi Ruby, You previously commented on my novel Mute. I recently pos....

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I wrote 222 days ago

Four corners book one The rock star. I'm pleased to see your book again and was surprised when you took it off authonomy especially when you were so near the desk. Its an exciting story and I hope it does well this time now that its so well edited. Once again you have my backing all the way. ... view book

I wrote 566 days ago

Hi Junetee, I love the new font. Its just as pretty as the last one you used but easier to read. I noticed you have re-arranged your chapters and added the odd new poem here and there. This is an excellent collection of poetry and I'd like to put 'Pillars of sand' back on my bookshelf again. h... view book

I wrote 662 days ago

A great pitch and prologue. A very moving story, written extremely well, almost like poetry. To write things as if you were seeing them as a child cant have been an easy thing to do. You have done it remarkably well. This is a great book and one I am pleased I found. I rate it highly and back it... view book

I wrote 662 days ago

Exxcellent stylem wonderfully written! I was laughing all the way through. Great fun. Highly starred and backed. Ruby Middleton. 'Will Ryan' view book

I wrote 680 days ago

Mute. I'm so impressed with your book Brian, I cannot fault it, not that I would want to. The pitch is intriguing . Your writing is superb, your style is the best I've seen yet. Sometimes when people are good writers they can become boring and lose a little bit of theirself. I think 'souless' ... view book

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