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***NEW!!!!*** Thank you so much for the continued support of Confessions of a Dervish. Huge apologies for my recent absence following the birth of my first son. Am overwhelmed, in love, exhausted, and finally a mum! :) I'll be more active soon - promise!

The first time I uploaded COAD, it reached number 80 in the Authonomy charts before I pulled it - I wanted to dedicate more time to editing. Now I have uploaded the first few chapters of COAD reworked including a prologue. Let me know what you think.
I hope you enjoy my work and as always I appreciate your opinions, especially those brutally honest and constructivly critical.
The book is complete at 84K words.

I am currently seeking representation. If you wish to contact me please do so at hello@nazarblue.co.uk

For other examples of my work, please visit my website (see link below.)

Seeing as my book is massively concerned with human nature surpassing cultural boundaries, (and I wasn't quite sure whether to do this or not) but here are a few suggested songs. They may let you glimpse into a world you didn't know existed. Search for them in YouTube - I hope they will stir the same sentiments as I felt. They're kind of a soundtrack to the past few years.

Yildiz Tilbe - 'Sunam'
Cheb Khaled - 'La Liberte'
Yildiz Tilbe & Mercan Dede - 'Tutsak' - This version --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAfBjqhLGo8&feature=results_main&playnext=1&list=PLA9BA6579A31C0D9F
Aurela Gace - 'Mu Thane Syte'
Radio Tarifa - 'Sin Palabras'
Sia - 'Breathe Me'
Xhavit Dedej - 'Vishe Cun Kemishen'
Bush - 'In a Lonely Place'
Sinead O'Connor & Natacha Atlas - 'Guide Me God' (Junior Vasquez Remix)
Ceca - 'Kukavica' (All Ex Yugoslavs remember this song from pre-war good times)
Emiliana Torrini - 'Birds'
Adelina Ismajli - 'Lavdi Ushtarit Tim' (Adelina is an Albanian Kosovan Heroine, her Fiance was killed in the year I went to Kosovo.)
Rati - 'Kapterr Me Grada'
Merita Halili - 'Ani More Nuse'
Aynur Dogan - 'Bir Gonule Ask Girince'
Fadl Shaker & Sotis Volanis - 'Ya Ghayeb'
Sandy Denny - 'The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood'
Alla Bua - 'Lu Rusciu Te Lu Mare' (Pizzica Music)
Goran Bregovic - 'Underground Cocek'
Enrico Macias - 'Zingarella'
Hari Mata Hari - 'Lejla'
Altin Ranxha - 'Kush Te Solli Ne Lagen Time'
Sezen Aksu - 'Yine Me Cicek'
Fanfare Ciocarlia - 'Iag Bari'
Muharrem Ahmeti - 'Pasha Bella'
Goran Bregovic - 'Ederlezi' (Romani anthem)
Goran Bregovic & Sezen Aksu - Helal Ettim
Ederlezi Avela (The Scene from 'Time of the Gypsies')
Rachid Taha,Faudel,Khaled - 'Abdel Kader' & 'Chabbi'
Angela Dimitiou - Maghapas
Laura Marling - Night Terror
Laura Marling - Devil's Spoke

favourite books

The Magic Porridge Pot - Vera Southgate (Ladybirds Well Loved Tales)
A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khalid Hosseini
Cat's Eye - Margaret Atwood
Aşk - Elif Şafak
The Canterbury Tales (Especially the Merchant's Tale) - Geoffrey Chaucer
The Zahir - Paulo Coelho
I love Viking Sagas, Mythology, Fact, True Life and am absolutely obsessed with maps.

my websites


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my books

Confessions of a Dervish

Adina Akkaya

Lucia takes a life-changing trip to Kosovo with her volatile, clandestine boyfriend. Held at his mercy, her freedom cannot be bought.

Lucia, a London girl in her early twenties, discovers the heart of the Balkans when she follows her clandestine boyfriend, Arben, to rural Kosovo. There, she is coerced into a convenience marriage and later suspects that he desires nothing more than documents to stay in the UK.
He plays a dirty game lacking heart and soul, beating her into submission. Once a colourful girl, Lucia is sucked in and spat out to face matters of conscience and moral dilemma.
Spinning dangerously out of control, she must keep the events secret to protect the honour and hearts of her long suffering family. The road to freedom is long and marred with the trinity of self destruction: fear, guilt and self loathing. Each with so much to lose, Lucia and Arben clash in a furious battle of will.
She and her lawyer take on the legal system in Kosovo, and indeed Arben.
Lucia is reborn as she finds solace in the realms of dream and imagination. Recovering from the cold touch of near insanity she seizes a chance to travel to Istanbul where she meets the man, quite literally, of her dreams.
The book is based on true events.


Adina's Tales

Adina Akkaya

A collection of short stories, dreams and experiences.

Escape to the realms of imagination with this collection of tales. There, you will meet a storyteller Zak, Murat, a Turkish Fisherman and Leyla, a hopeless romantic, amongst other charaters in magical lands. The stories have profound emotional depth with themes of love, freedom, fear, vengeance and patience.

Visit vivid dreams on the shores of the Mediterranean. Dance a passionate Pizzica in the shadow of Mount Vesuvio.

This collection of works is by no means a polished book, it is merely a collection of stories, dreams and experiences.

Most of the stories and dreams feature in my main project 'Confessions of a Dervish'. They were stories I wrote and dreams I had while scrabbling around trying to find my sanity! I hope they will inspire you. (And yes, I found my sanity eventually.)

The cover is a photo I took of a view over the Egg Castle of Napoli. It'll make sense when you read 'The Golden Egg of Naples Bay.'


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Hi Layla. As promised I have given 'The First Cut' a little read today. I knew I'd love your work from the pitch; its the kind of evokative writing which keeps me interested with a strong voice and powerful descriptions (I winced and almost read with one eye closed when you described flesh like mozz... view book

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Hi Yasmine.. I saw your book and felt drawn to read it. I adore short stories, and found your theme to be interesting; the objects which symbolise so much in our day to day. I can name so many objects from my life that I relate to happenings and memories. I enjoyed your work, and made some notes... view book

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Hi Stella, I have had your book on my WL for sometime. I have finally had a chance to read some of your work, and have made some notes for you. Your pitch drew me in - I too have written a memoir with similar themes of opression, escape and doomed marriage etc. I also found a lawyer who gave me a ... view book

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Hi Emma, as promised I've had a look at your work, albeit, only up to chapter 2. I feel an utter sense of despair for Sally. How horrific her life must be; but then, domestic abuse is horrific. It sets the scene brilliantly, giving us an immediate understanding of how vile Joseph is. I can imagine h... view book

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