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What can I say? I’m an old fart who loves books and with a bit of talent in writing in the English language. Authonomy has taught me to be less wordy and pompous.
I’ve taken the criticisms in the spirit in which they were meant and increased the chapter count from 16 to 36 in The Brass Bring Down without increasing the word count.
I currently live in South Africa but I’m intending to move to the USA within the next year or so.

favourite books

The Girl trilogy by Stieg Larsson. The Memory Collector - Meg Gardiner. Gone Tomorrow - Lee Child, Turning Angel - Greg Iles, Shatter - Michael Robotham, Kill Me - Stephen White.

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my books

The Brass Bring Down

Ken E. Mayring

The book is a thriller set in South Africa and the USA that brings together poaching, illegal ivory trading and modern slavery

Jason Stone is the ultimate “Mr. Fix-It”, he handles the stuff the cops can’t or won’t touch. In this adventure he’s on the trail of the beautiful, missing daughter of a Cape Town businessman. She was last seen in the Colorado skiing resort of Vail but from there the trail has gone as cold as the surrounding snow. In his quest Stone uncovers an illegal ivory trading network and a modern slave trade in young girls. The bad guys are as bad as they get but will they be a match for Stone’s resourcefulness?


The Golden Goodbye

Ken E. Mayring

A chance encounter with a beautiful girl and her drug addicted sister leads to a confrontation with one of Cape Town's notorious gangs.

When a beautiful girl runs in front of Jason Stone's car in a dodgy part of Cape Town it sets off a chain of events that leads to a series of confrontations with the members of one of Cape Town's vicious gangs as Stone tries to rescue her sister from the gang's clutches. As Stone takes matters into his own hands he makes a startling discovery that shakes him to the core and sets him off on a crusade to bring some important people to justice. He can expect no assistance from conventional law enforcement and is forced to rely on his own wits and skills and the burgeoning skills of his new-found assistant.


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Eponymous Rox wrote 767 days ago

Hey Ken, I’m pretty sure you commented on and/or backed the first 12,....

Zuffles wrote 774 days ago

Hi there – sorry to bother but I am seriously seeking some advice. ....

cynthiababy wrote 790 days ago

HELLO, My name is Cynthia Donatus,I am interested in your profile ....

Laith Doory wrote 805 days ago

Thanks for your ongoing support for 'Reaching for the Gods', which is....

subra_2k123 wrote 970 days ago

Hello, ‘Ozoneraser’ is of the slipstream Sci-Fi genre and involves....

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I wrote 1099 days ago

Thanks Neville, I appreciate the editing tips. We're too often too close to our own work to pick things up. Ken view book

I wrote 1382 days ago

I can tell whether someone can write within half a paragraph, ability to weave a credible plot may take a bit longer to determine. Inability however, is obvious much sooner. You can write and your plot is great. The only criticism I can level at you is your choice of the label of "terrorist" for San... view book

I wrote 1518 days ago

As one South African to another, have a look at The Brass bring Down please. view book

I wrote 1518 days ago

I know a Colin Brown and he's a real asshole. I'm backing your book nevertheless. view book

I wrote 1538 days ago

I remember reading and backing Starforger some time ago. However, I'm glad to back it once more. view book

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