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I do not write but love to read, this is why I am on here, but unfortunately college commitments are keeping me very busy so I am not on here often at the moment, so please don't think I am ignoring you, I will be reading as and when I can :)

I am a 28 yr old single mum with 3 daughters, 8yrs, 4yrs and 2 yr. I love to read books, mainly chick-lit, but also fantasy fiction, biographies, and various others. I also love the countryside and the sea, going for long walks, and generally being outdoors! Animals are a big interest of mine and I have just completed a Diploma in Zoology, and am half way through an Advanced National Certificate in Animal management.

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All the Harry Potters

Lord of the Rings

Anything by Danielle Steel

Steve and Me - Terri Irwin

Anything by Jill Mansell

The Twilight Saga

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I wrote 1677 days ago

'He only had only so much strength, so many attempts.' (chapter 13) Only a minor thing, an extra 'only', but something I thought you may like to be shown :) I love the way your book is written, and think it flows nicely. I think there are some very witty and humourous sentences in it and enjoyed rea... view book

I wrote 1712 days ago

This is a lovely story, beautifully written. I love the sentence ' It was in the final moment of her life that the child broke free from her womb and entered the world.' Shelved! Kelley. view book

I wrote 1714 days ago

Brilliant and very funny, I especially like the one about the 'kitten or puppy' dilemma!! Your analysis of owning either pet was spot on and hilarious to read :) Shelved. Kelley. view book

I wrote 1733 days ago

Thanks for asking me to read this, I have only gotten through chapter one so far but am enjoying it, shelved. Kelley. view book

I wrote 1733 days ago

Hi Steve, I'm really enjoying your book; loving the main character, and indeed her friends so far - though only read the first few chapters... I do intend to read the rest, i'm hooked! Shelved. Kelley. view book

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