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about me

I'm a 59 year old retired Analytical Chemist.
I now am to busy to go to work being a volunteer for the RSPB at Rainham Marshes in Essex. I also do odd jobs for my neighbours and for those in the sheltered complex next door. I've just become a Block Liaison Rep (unpaid) for the council and the reps Chairman. I'm now so busy I haven't time to go to work.
I am married to Carol who I met in Austria and next September we celebrate our thirty ninth anniversary.
We have a sort of adopted daughter down in Southend who is the mother to our three God children.
I like all sorts of music ranging from Classical via heavy metal to Rumer and Duffy. One of my favorites is Kate Bush.

favourite books

The Eternal Champion series by Michael Moorcock, any thing by Issac Asimov and Terry Pratchet. I'm a 1940 DC comic fan so I collect the reprint of their seminal heros the Justice Society.
I also read crime books of Inspector Frost, Inspector Wexford and Poirot.
Yes all right I admit it I'm a Doctor Who fan. Now stop turning the thumb screws.
Sadly I'm a dyslexic writer so look beyond the odd spelling mistakes and judge me on the story beyond.
I've had a bit of luck with Amazon taking up Bard's tale for the Kindle but please don't stop backing it to the desk as I'd love it to be publish as a proper book.

my websites


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my books

Paladin's Tale

Gabrielle Silverback

Sophia speaks the words of the Holy Lady but she is only eight. Is she real, mentally ill or both. Only time will tell.

Sir Tomas du Prey the future Paladin and hero had not long been born but no one was suprised as his two year old sister had predicted it.
Sophia speaks the words of The Holy Lady of Prey and splits the small town apart as both laity and church must chose if she speaks the truth.
As she and Tomas grow the pressures increase with sides claiming her Holiness and others that she is the spawn of the devil.
But can she cope as the voice in her head grows ever louder and more insistent as enemies blossom everywhere and pain seems the only way to peace.
Tomas must become the Paladin that fate decreed he should be and hunt down her enemies and bring her justice.
But to do that he must enter the halls of Heaven and Hell with his trusted friends, the trainee Paladins at his side.
But is he just a Knight in someone else's game!!


Devil Dust


The hero's of the war time group 'Justice' reform to fight the evil that is the drug Devil Dust.

A variation of DC comics heros the Justice Society called Justice on earth seven reform to fight the supercharged users of the deadly drug Devil Dust.
This drug gives the users super strength before killing them from the inside by boiling them to death.
The hero's use all their skill to hunt down the pusher only to find a deadlier game behind the scenes.
A game with only one target and one sad outcome.


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I wrote 442 days ago

I know this book has reached the editors table and I sincerly hope it gets published. These types of books are not my style story but this was an amazingly well written work. Normally I only read the first three chapers of the work I review which is enough for me to get an idea of the book and the... view book

I wrote 551 days ago

If anything this story shows a maturing of your style to match the maturing of your central character 'The Saahni' Kay'tan. I am just as envious as I was with Priest's tale over your ability to write first person prose. A skill I have never mastered. The prologue was excellent and led well in to th... view book

I wrote 572 days ago

This book has a poetry all of its own. Though it is not my style of book I found it on the whole well written and well paced. I would suggest you relook at chapter one again where you have several times mixed up your past and present tenses.That is nit picking on my part but it will help it to flow... view book

I wrote 663 days ago

Though lighter than my own book Bard's Tale it is a great read. Mixing light humour with the drama of what is going on. I've highly starred this book because before I knew it I was deep into the third chapter which to me is a sign of a good writer. I had entered the world you had created with ease ... view book

I wrote 733 days ago

This is an excellent book. I have to admit that reading this has been one of my secret pleasures. I can offer any critic of it simple because I became so absorbed in it I missed any spelling or grammar errors. I have taken the liberty of plugging it along with some other on a blog on the forum call... view book

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