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At 51, I am getting a late start in this industry, but at least I made. I worked and raised kids, so never had much time for writing; sometimes life takes us on detours. Yet, those detours gave me ideas for writing.

I haven't taken any writing courses, studied literature, or the arts, which some of you can probably tell; this is truly a gift. I did go to college for 2.5 years. I am creative in other areas as well; at 14 I was offered a scholarship to an art institute, but sadly at that time in life, I had other things on my mind.

This is my first book; I have titles for 5 others, of which I've already started 2. I do have a poem, The Lonely Silence, that was published in 2001 in a bk titled, The Age of Innocence, published by the International Poetry Society.

I invite all constructive criticism.

favourite books

Hinds Feet on High Places, The Chicken Soup for the Soul books (I have 14), A View From the Porch Swing, The Complete Collection of Smith Wigglesworth Teachings, Woman Thou Art Loosed, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and of course The Bible, where much of my inspiration comes from, The Caused Blessing, Close Encounters of the God Kind, Activating the Prophetic, Intercessory Prayer

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Words God Gave Me

Monica Pride

Life had a way of kicking me in the gut more than once. But I got up and kicked back!

As a singer loses her voice, I lost my words. Words can be used to edify or to tear apart. It's true that the words we speak bring us a positive or negative life. Often times the lack of words can affect us just as deeply. I lost my words due to circumstances at different times in my life to the point I told God if He would give them back, I would write for Him. He did and I have. If you think your dreams can't come true because you are past a certain age or your life has gotten too far off course, take it from me, your dreams can become a reality as long as you never give up. You may have to ask for Divine help, but they can come to pass. I'm 51 and it happened to me. This is a short story of how I lost my words as well as how I got them (the poetry) back. These truly are the words God gave me and hopefully they will minister to and inspire you.


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Rachel Ciaran wrote 22 days ago

thank you so much for the backing and the kind review! :) I really ap....

KMac23 wrote 342 days ago

Wow, thanks so much, Monica. I appreciate the support and will defin....

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I wrote 22 days ago

I only read a few paragraphs, but I love the way you write this book in the language of the culture, and I'm not sure, but maybe another era as well. It's as though we were sitting, having a conversation, and you're telling me your life. It reminds me of Ruby, in Cold Mountain, the way Nadine spea... view book

I wrote 240 days ago

Your book sounds really interesting, though I think we are on two opposite ends of the gamut. Hopefully I read the contest instructions correctly, I have not been computer savvy in recent years but, I would like to enter your contest. Thanks for your work. Monica Pride, Words God Gave Me ... view book

I wrote 241 days ago

I'm just now getting time to read up on my page, I don't have internet so can only get on here occasionally, but I thank you so very much for those awesome and kind words. I had another set-back in Feb. with 2 spinal-fractures but, God is faithful as always according to His promises in His Word... view book

I wrote 786 days ago

Hello Audrey, Thank you for getting back to me, for those kind words, and your thoughts. I have started a book about my life, but when it comes to names of real people, I just don't know. I live in the town where most of my life transpired, and am not quite comfortable airing other peoples lif... view book

I wrote 795 days ago

Hey there, I just checked out the first couple chpts. after looking at your page, and this is a really great read! But actually, I was going to ask you to check out my book, Words God Gave Me, because I saw you are a top talent spotter, then got to reading yours. Love the title, thats what drew me... view book

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