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I'm a 26 year old Irish native with an American obsession, hence most of my stories take place there. I have just finished my debut novel for Young Adults, Aventurine Heart. I am currently finishing up a horror novella and writing a book of short stories (horror/thriller).
I love Stephen King and fantasy/paranormal romance books. I have been writing since I was very young. I'm also a musician/singer.

I'm looking to get published (who isn't) so if you like what you see please back my book!

Some of my favourite things include animals, writing, playing music, Supernatural, Buffy, Dime bars, cinnamon tea, Stephen King, magic books, veggie food, wine, vodka, people with a twisted sense of humour, dry wit, teen TV shows (guilty pleasure), my laptop, listening to music- some of which inlcudes Foo Fighters, Hole, Paramore, AC/DC, Cathy Davey, Coldplay, Death Cab.., Kasabian and The Smiths. Oh and BOOKS of course! :)

favourite books

Duma Key - Stephen King
The Dark Half - " "
Insomnia - " "
Lisey's Story - " "
Bag of Bones - " "
New Moon - Stephenie Meyer
The End Specialist - Drew Magary
The Demonologist - Ed Warren
The Element Encyclopaedia of 5,000 Spells - Judika Illes
Most music biographies, especially autobiographies.

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Carole Wood

Alexa falls for Eli, a Nephilim who is hunted by the demon, Astaroth. She's in over her head before she knows it...

A tornado strikes Alexa's hometown of Fortraven, Missouri almost killing her. In the aftermath she falls for Eli who is hiding a dark secret - he's a Nephilim, or half angel. Alexa uncovers his true nature through her increasingly prophetic dreams and she is shocked to learn that a demon is hunting them both. When Eli is taken, Alexa's world begins to unravel. She would do anything to get him back, including serving herself up instead. She hates lying to her mother and her best friend, Sasha but she can hardly tell them the truth about what exists in this world. Then Zach returns, making life a whole lot more complicated. Can she confide in him? She must find a way forward, to Graduation and life after high school but it is a journey that will bring her to the limits of her sanity. Alexa keeps her promises but fate is cruel and she is left feeling cheated, adrift in Miami. Then Zach shows up and she begins having the dreams again. She has a decision to make: stay alone in Miami or return to Fortraven and face the music?
You can't always get what you want...


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I wrote 670 days ago

I'm backing this book because I thinhk it has major potential and one of the most intriguing plots I've come across in a long while! view book

I wrote 672 days ago

Thanks for the input DW :) view book

I wrote 672 days ago

Very well written. Stark but descriptive imagery. view book

I wrote 672 days ago

Attention to detail, vivid imagery, characters that attract and repel and excellent prose. Good luck with this! view book

I wrote 672 days ago

Vivid imagery...slightly meandering but it's a different way of telling a story I guess. I've seen many films that were much harder to follow! Well done for telling your story and good luck with it! view book

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