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One of the WAGS (acronym for wives and girlfriends) is my first novel. I had every intention of writing a historical novel about civil war and slave emancipation based in Antebellum Virginia but decided I'd take a break from all the seriousness and do a fun, easy read book about WAGS after meeting a few footballer's girlfriends while working in the entertainment industry. From one extreme to the other? What can I say, I'm a Gemini : )

My imagination was first sparked by random strangers (mostly drunk people and children) walking up to my partner and asking him if he was Frank Lampard. There is a slight resemblance but it got me thinking...what if a regular girl landed herself a top flight footballer? How would she cope with the pleasures and pressures of her new life? One of the WAGS talks about just that. I hope you enjoy it.


*This month I'm backing Little Krisna and the Bihar Boys by Barry Wenlock. It's a great story and I highly recommend it*

If I owe you a read please feel free to remind me. I do return backings out of good will but will only comment your story if I have something sincere, constructive and helpful to say.

favourite books

Can You Keep a Secret - Sophie Kinsella
A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseni
The Importance of Being Earnest - Oscar Wilde
Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella

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One of the WAGS

Laurelle Austin

Who wants to live the high life - even at a high price?

Cara is an ordinary London girl who wants more than just an average life. So she decides to dump her broke musician boyfriend, find a place of her own and transform her image while she thinks about leaving her dead end office job.

The new Cara starts turning heads everywhere she goes and when she steals the attentions of Vito, a premiership footballer, she gets thrown into what seems like a fairytale. A black credit card + hot Spanish boyfriend + a warm (well, not so warm) welcome into the world of Wags = a fab life, right? But the burning media spotlight, contentions with Vito’s glamour model ex girlfriend and the need to be preened to perfection at all times can take it's toll on an ordinary London girl...


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I wrote 1360 days ago

I like it when a writer gets straight to the point. The writing is perfect for the genre and for audiences both young and old. The sentences are short, which leads to an abrupt, uneasy feeling that is well suited to the theme of your story. Backed with well wishes Laurelle One of the WAGS view book

I wrote 1374 days ago

You've had an interesting history of working in public service : ) If you can make it in Hackney, you can make it anywhere. I like the expression 'Muscular Christianity' and also the sentiment expressed about the Krays. There's a mixture of sweet nostalia with a feeling that there's something dark l... view book

I wrote 1377 days ago

There are some stories which I read in the hope to get hooked some way through, and there are some which catch you from the start. The pitch raised my eyebrows, and so did the opening. This is both shocking and funny. A great combination. Backed with well wishes. Laurelle One of the WAGS view book

I wrote 1381 days ago

I found the best part of your writing to be your fluid narrative. Your have uniquely demonstrated your character's propensity to be conflicted in her views, and this is executed in a humourous and innocent way. Backed. Laurelle One of the WAGS view book

I wrote 1393 days ago

The title and pitch is very catchy, as is the story. The introduction of your hero's mother is great. I didn't immediately get a strong idea of the ex from his intro but i'm sure you have your reasons for this. Backed with well wishes. Laurelle One of the WAGS view book

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