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I am a 24 year old writer who has just finished writing my first book, I would like to move forward with publishing but I really need some fresh new eyes to look at it.
I'd be happy to read your work in return!

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A Collection of Chaos

Danielle Marie

Jessica's absent father returns, ruining her current state of serenity, she finds herself beginning an extensive journey to regain control over her life.

When an unwanted individual from her past return, Jessica is forced to take on the responsibility of her alcoholic father, while struggling to recover from her own addiction problems. She struggles as the reality of a first heartbreak smacks her in the face, as she is simply just trying to find her own place in this world. She fearlessly takes on the complexity of learning the obstacles that borderline personality disorder conveys mixed with the ups and downs of bipolar disorder. As she finds her self walking down memory lane, demanding to discover her forgotten past, she accepts the necessary challenge to tame the chaos within.


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